The Oath To Uphold Sanctity Of India Was Once Taken By Geelani As Well: Taj

KL Report


Senior Congress leader Taj Moh-i-Din Tuesday said that all the mainstream parties of the State are pro-India who stood for democratic principles of India.

“People are being mislead that Congress is an Indian party. The reality is that all the mainstream parties including National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party are pro-India parties,” Taj was addressing party workers during a one day political convention in Srinagar.

He said it is a misnorm that Congress party is an Indian party. “All the political parties are Indian. Every political leader while taking oath pledges to uphold the sanctity of the country and this pledge was once taken by separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani as well,” he said.

Without naming National Conference, Taj Mohi-u-Din said that a political party is harping on Autonomy. “The reality is that we can’t be autonomous. Our resources are limited and we can’t survive. We are dependent on the assistance of Central Government and demanding autonomy simply means to mislead people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Taj said adding that If we would be give autonomous status then we would even fail to pay salaries to our employees.

While talking to reporters on the sidelines of the convention, Taj said that there is no political dimension to musical concert and all the apprehensions expressed are totally wrong. “The musical concert would give boost to tourism sector and in a sense it would prove a booster. Who told you that people and media are not allowed, anyone could come and enjoy the music,” he said


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