Think Before Spitting!

Saima Bhat

Around 95 percent of the world’s population has health prob-lems with over a third of them having more than five ailments, claims Global Burden of Disease Study (2013).

Throughout the year, OPD’s and IPD’s of all government and pri-vate hospitals remain crowded with people in Kashmir. Still we are least concerned about keeping our surrounding clean. Take for example how carelessly people spit inside hospital corridors.

I agree we have a poor health care infrastructure, but does that mean we should use our hospitals as spittoons! For God’s sake think before you spit. We must understand that patients already have weak immune system, and by our callous ways or manner-ism we are only adding to their woes. Instead of helping your loved ones to heal, we are only adding to their ailments.

But this menace of spitting in public is not confined to hospitals only; we have virtually turned every public piece of infrastructure into a spittoon. Perhaps that justifies our recent achievement of turning Srinagar into dirtiest city.

In almost all Western countries spitting in public is an offence which carries heavy fine. I wish the same sort sense prevails upon our politicians and lawmakers, or whosoever is at the helm of af-fairs, so that this menace is controlled by all possible means.

But if you still feel that urge to spit in public space without given a heck about people around, then you surely need to see a doc-tor. Trust me it is not normal at all.

You might be suffering from one of the following ailments: in-flammation in the upper respiratory tract, sinuses, oral cavity, dehydration, Sjogren’s syndrome, diabetes, gastroenteritis or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

So next time you feel like spitting in public space, remember you are not only causing inconvenience to people around you but also to your loved ones too.

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