Tossa Maidan lease issue: TBF warns government of dire consequences

KL Report


Tossa Maidan Bachao Front (TBF) has warned government of dire consequences if the order about the cancellation of lease of Tossa Maidan is not made public immediately.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Front said that it cannot be “befooled” by announcements made in Election gatherings and via media.

“The lease of Tossa Maidan is over but Government has failed to issue an official announcement/order about Lease cancellation in spite of making statement in Election gatherings and via media,” the statement said adding, “hence, we have a serious doubt as far as execution of democracy is concerned. Our peaceful and genuine demand on Tossamaidan should not be taken for granted and people should not be befooled. We warn the government of dire consequences in case if the order is not made public immediately.”

The statement said that an emergency meeting of TBF and Civil society activists will be held on April 23 (Wednesday) in which Tossa Maidan current status and future course of action will be discussed and made public on Thursday.

Activists of TBF are very determined and ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of Tossa Maidan. “We will not bow down till the lease is cancelled and order is issued in black and white,” the statement said and added, “We would also once again like to remind political parties not to politicise the issue for the sake of their petty political benifits. All mainstream and separatist political parties should understand that Tossa Maidan Bachave Compaign is purely an apolitical civil society movement and politics should not be mixed with it.”


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