Tufail Mattoo Murder Case: Status Report filed by Tahir Saleem Khan, Investigation Officer

The status report contradicting with the SIT report filed by SP Khan shows that the FSL report of Chandigarh says swabs of Tufail Mattoo contained Unique Gun Shot Residues (GSR) which was completely denied in SIT report filed on November 30, 2011.

Kashmir Life publishes the status report verified on September 21, 2012 by state High Court.

                                   IN THE HON’BLE HIGH COURT OF J&K AT SRINAGAR
                                      Manzoor Ahmad Mattoo        V/S     State of J&K & ors.
                                                                 Pet U/S 561-A No.l44/2011

In the matter of: Status report in terms of Order Dated 23.12.2011 passed by the Hon’ble High Court in the above titled case on behalf of SP City North Srinagar

I, Tahir Saleem Khan S/O Ghulam Din Khan R/O Baramulla presently posted as l/C SP City North Srinagar do hereby submit the compliance of order dated 23:08_-2012

1.    That, in continuation to earlier status report filed on 22-08-2012 and in compliance to the directions passed by the Hon’ble High Court of J&K at Srinagar, PSI Khursheed Ahmad No.345/PAU was deputed to CFSL Chandigarh on 20-08-2012 for obtaining opinion. The FSL report has been obtained from CFSL Chandigarh which reveals:-

I.    Indicative   Particles containing  Titanium Ti   and Zinc(Zn).
II.    Indicative Particles containing Antimony (Sb) and lead(Pb).
III.    Environmental particles containing Iron(Fe), Antimony(Sb), Copper(Cu), Zinc(Zn), Nickle (Ni)  and lead (Pb).
IV.    Unique GSR particles containing lead (Pb), Barium (Ba) and Antimony (Sb).
V.    Based on the ballistics literature on blank cartridge injuries it is concluded that the blank cartridge, if fired from a weapon, is capable of causing injuries and it can also be lethal if fired on vital parts of the body from close range.

However- report of CFSL so received needs allow up like the scrutinization of records maintained at various levels regarding issuance of law and order gear.

Moreover, the circumstances prevailing on the spot at relevant point of time need to be revisited.

The opinion from Central Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur MP is being sought vide letter No. SPN/TMC/2012/3176 dated 20.09.2012 to ascertain the classification of anti riot gun.

The investigation of case is going on.


Verified at Srinagar the 21st day of September 2012 that the averments made here in above are true and correct as per the record and nothing has been concealed therein.



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