‘Where is the Chief Minister?’ asks Karra

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Accusing Chief Minister Omar Abdullah of enjoying the luxuries of power while making people suffer because of his ‘anarchic rule’, senior PDP leader and Member Parliament Tariq Hameed Karra Wednesday said as another innocent youth fell to the bullets of the government forces in Sopore, the nonchalant Chief Minister is reportedly holidaying in Europe.

“For Omar Abdullah foreign jaunts with his friends are more important than the life and dignity of the people,” Karra said in a statement.

Dubbing NC-Congress coalition government as a misfortune for the state, Karra said the hapless people of Jammu & Kashmir have become the victims of ungoverned rage let loose on them by the Omar Abdullah-led repressive and cavalier regime.

Karra said the Government must come out with the details of the foreign tours made by Omar Abdullah during the past 6 years and the persons who accompanied him on these overseas jaunts.

“In a democratic setup people have every right to know the purpose of chief minister’s frequent foreign visits as the same is being done at the cost of the state exchequer,” he said and added that while J&K is presently facing a major governance crisis, chief minister seems to be oblivious of the pathetic condition of the people.

“The rulers like him who face serious charges against themselves have neither any moral authority nor the courage to speak up for the people as they realize their vulnerability and are comfortable with the luxuries of power and ostentatious ways,” he said.

“There is a clear wave of frustrating anger against the ruling NC-Congress coalition in the state because of repression, sense of insecurity, misgovernance, lack of development, corruption and crime,” Karra said, and added that unfortunately, the present Government’s formal arrival in J&K in 2009 brought with it worst kind of atrocious miseries which continue to torment the people till date.

He said Omar Abdullah instead of working to build on the gains of the PDP-led government, reversed everything and because of his inefficiency furthered the alienation among people particularly the youth.

Karra said PDP during its brief stint in the Government between 2002 and 2005 not only provided a sense of security to the people but ensured all around development, the signposts of which are visible in every nook and corner of the State. He said if people want to see that golden era of governance back, they will have to become the participants in change through democratic means.


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