“Why Something Should be Done in a Hush-Hush Manner”

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Sunday cautioned government of India against any arbitrary and hasty decision regarding settlement of West Pakistan refugees in Jammu and Kashmir.

PDP chief spokesperson Nayeem Akhtar told KNS that it is a legacy of the partition and very complicated and complex issue. “No decision on such a sensitive issue should be taken arbitrarily as it could have repercussions. Government of India must desist from taking any decision over it unilaterally.”

He said in the past the state has been under direct central rule for so many years.

“But no government ever thought of going ahead unilaterally on this vital issue,” Akhtar said.

“There have been different governments run by different parties at center and in the state in the past. But no government rushed through this issue for imposing any decision unilaterally. There is no reason why something should be done in a hush-hush manner now,” the PDP chief spokesman added.


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