World Couldn’t Hear Cries of Kashmir’s Junaid Dar: Er Rashid



MLA Langate Er Rashid Saturday castigated World community for ignoring sufferings of Kashmiri people and not taking notice of grave human rights violations in Kashmir.

He said that while it is appreciable that world community showed deep anger and anguish over the tragic death of 3 years old Aylan Kurdi who drowned as his family tried to flee from Kobna (Syria) to Europe but nobody could speak even a single word when a Kashmiri kid: Junaid Dar of Ladoora Baramulla died in a mysterious blast in Ladoora Kashmir on the same day.

In a party statement, he said, “not only Government of India is doing everything to keep world community ill-informed about human rights violations in Kashmir but leaves no stone unturned  to ensure that what so ever happens in Kashmir is projected before world community, the same way as it would suit India’s interest. The government of India doesn’t allow real information to flow from the State, thus keeping world community in dark. State police and other agencies do often even curb the voice on social media and the State terrorism is not only on as usual, but in a very organised manner the state craft is giving  cover to the atrocities committed on Kashmiris.”

“While world is mourning the death of Syrian kid, neighbours and relatives of Junaid are not being allowed to offer condolence to the ill-fated father,” Rashid said.

Legislator questioned the security agencies that if they are always on their toes when they get information about the presence of militants anywhere in the state,” why do they show utter carelessness after anti militancy operations”.

“People have a right to know that before celebrating killing of a militant in Rafiabad why could forces not ensure that the area is safe for the inhabitants. Is life of Kashmiris less important than celebrating the death and destruction resulted on account of these encounters? If State craft has any respect towards its citizens and its duties it must immediately arrest those police officers who were supposed to search for weapons or shells under the debris at Ladoora. Had they discharged their duties it would have certainly saved the precious life of Junaid Ahmad Dar,” Rashid added.


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