WPRs Settled in J&K on Three Events: Government


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To a question from Independent law maker Er Rashid in state legislature, state government, in a written reply, said that total of 54945 West Pakistan and Pakistan administered refugees migrated to state of Jammu and Kashmir on three junctures from 1947 up to 1971.

The reply asserts that government of India has asked the state government of Jammu and Kashmir to include the refugees of West Pakistan along with those of Pakistan administered Kashmir or the GoI shall not consider it.

Rashid had asked for total number of families (with their family strength) of West Pakistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir refugees who have migrated to J&K state from 1947 to 1965 and are residing in various parts of Jammu province since then.

 “The state government is advised not to send the proposal in a piece meal manner. It should send a comprehensive and consolidated proposal. The GoI would not be able to consider any package unless it includes West Pakistani refugees as well.

Giving details, it said, “in 1947, 31619 refugees; in 1965, 4061 refugees; and in 1971, total of 9442 refugees migrated to J&K while 9823 were West Pakistanis.”

The government further informed that displaced persons (DPs) from Pakistan administered Kashmir are permanent residents of state and are entitled to all legal rights including “Permanent Resident Certificates (PRCs).

“So far as West Pakistani refugees are concerned, they are not residents of J&K state according to its own constitution. Presently, no such proposal is under consideration of government,” the reply reads.

“The state government intends to give a relief of Rs 25 lakh each to these DPs/refugee families except for West Pakistani refugees, the reply adds. The package has been submitted to Government of India for one time full and final settlement. Payment of Rs 25 lakh to each family as one time settlement. The number of such families who would qualify for such amount is 36384 and the total amount involved shall be Rs 9096 crore. The amount is proposed as the compensation against the left over movable and immovable property. Considering reservation in professional colleges outside J&K for the children of these displaced families. Considering reservation of jobs in paramilitary forces, army and other central government offices for the wards of these DPs,” it further adds.


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