Yusuf Shah Chak grave: Omar appeals Bihar CM to protect part of Kashmir history



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Reacting to encroachment by the land grabbers on the graveyard where Yusuf Shah Chak, who ruled Kashmir from 1579 to 1586, is buried in Nalanda district of Bihar, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah has appealed the chief minister of Bihar Nitesh Kumar to protect the part of Kashmir’s history.

“I request @NitishKumar ji to protect this part of Kashmir’s history that lies far from the valley in Bihar.” Omar tweeted.

Yusuf Shah Chak was one of the last native rulers of independent Kashmir whose grave lies far from the valley in Biswak village in Bihar’s Nalanda district. Reportedly, the caretakers of the graveyard have written over 200 letters to the government, seeking protection for the monument. But the encroachment has continued, with villagers building homes on the graveyard land.


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