2014 Floods Anniversary: Hurriyat (g) Supports Trade Strike Call



While deciding to fully support the shutdown call on 7 September and other programs given by the different trade organizations, Hurriyat (g) Thursday said that the government not only miserably failed in rehabilitation of the flood hit people of the state but they even does not repaired the damaged embankments of the water bodies and the common people have been left on the mercy of the situations. God-forbid the heavy rains anytime could prove worse than the past and it could lead to another disastrous flood in the valley.

According to the Hurriyat Conference (g), “the government of India under a planned manner wants to break the backbone of the economics of the state and they want to make us dependent for everything so that they can continue their illegal and forced occupation in Jammu & Kashmir.”

Terming the spending of millions of rupees over the musical and dance programs by the state government in the memory of last year’s floods as ridicules and irrational, Hurriyat Conference (g) said that the month of September 2014 is remembered as a bitter and harsh reality and it will remain fresh in the hearts and minds of Kashmiris for long time. “There is no justification in celebrating this day. This is the day of seeking forgiveness and mercy of Almighty Allah from our sins.”

Hurriyat (g) said that the people who lost their everything in September 2014 floods are living miserable lives. “Organizing such functions by the government instead of rehabilitation is ridicules on the part of the state government and it is beyond the understandings of the common Kashmiris.”

While announcing to support the September 7 shutdown call, Hurriyat Conference (g) appealed the people to organize special prayers on that day and seek forgiveness and mercy of Almighty Allah.


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