Attention Commuters: Traffic Police Issue Advisory for Parking Slots in City




The Jammu and Kashmir Traffic police Saturday issued advisory for parking of vehicles in Srinagar city. The statement is produced here verbatim.

To avoid punitive action under law for obstructive/wrong parking particularly in City centre, visitors/ shopkeepers etc. are advised to park their vehicles only at the following designated parking places:

Name of the parking place, Approach, Area catering to:

  1. Sheikh Bagh Opposite Ganta Ghar towards river side

All Commercial Establishment/Institutions/offices etc from Abi-Guzar to erstwhile Court Road including Palladium Gali, Ghanta Ghar area  etc.

  1. Residency Road, near SBI, Adjacent Business Area.
  2. Old state motor garage, near Press Enclave, establishment/ institutions/offices etc from Regal Chowk up to Abi Guzar etc.
  3. Polo-view behind garbage shed from garbage dump side, Polo-view market, Polo ground and adjoining area.
  4. Near Khalsa School, Opposite V-mart, Adjacent Business area.
  5. Mughal Darbar, Opposite Mugal Darbar restaurant, for adjoining business area.
  6. Polo-view North from MA road side, opposite Banquet hall, Polo view market, polo-ground.

In the interest and convenience of general public visitors/shopkeepers/business establishment owners visiting or working in City Centre are advised to adhere to the following:

To meticulously plan their visit to City Centre and park vehicles at above designated places before venturing for shopping and other business transactions.

Visitors particularly from rural areas are advised to carefully choose the parking spaces to avoid inconvenience.

To make it a habit to stroll shorter distances from designated parking places instead of wrongly parking vehicles in front of shopping lines.

Not to infringe on the rights of others particularly pedestrians and passerby.

Visit purposely without loitering.

Switch over to car-pooling to help decongest City.

Help to pave way to hospital referrals.


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