Autonomy Rant Being Raised to Dilute Demand of Freedom: MDM



A separatist group in Kashmir Saturday said that the voices are being raised to “dilute the freedom struggle” of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The rants of autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir are being raised to change the demand of complete freedom into a demand of autonomy. Ideological pro-freedom leadership should ponder over this conspiracy preferentially,” Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) said in a statement.

MDM is headed by incarcerated Dr Qasim Faktoo.

A statement issued this evening said that many issues have been raised in the past year that point towards this conspiracy:

  1. The significance of the constitution of Jammu Kashmir.
  2. Observance of a separate Republic day for the state.
  3. Significance of preserving Article 370.
  4. The issue of a separate state flag.

“Raking up these issues and then creating a debate around them cannot be a mere coincidence. This is being done by the Indian state its local dispensation, certain NGOs and few well known people on purpose,” the statement added.

“Indian state wants to achieve 3 objectives out of it:

  1. To change the freedom struggle into a demand for autonomy.
  2. Since Jammu is against autonomy therefore to grant it separate statehood as per the plan of RSS put forward in 2002 or to make it a part of Himachal as suggested by Karan Singh in 1965.
  3. To give a notion to the pro-freedom leadership that freedom is unachievable thus they knowingly or unknowingly work with pro India parties for autonomy,” the statement said.

“We appeal the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir that they should remain vigilant about these conspiracies. Since this idea of autonomy is being supported by USA, Britain and China in addition to some Muslim countries. A few sections of Pakistan government and some pro-freedom leadership are also supporting the idea tacitly. Therefore it is imperative that this idea should be resisted tooth and nail and continuing freedom struggle has become a very sensitive issue. We request ideological pro-freedom leadership to remain away from debates of Autonomy and related issues,” the statement further said.


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