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Kashmir has been written about for centuries. Off late, owing to the peculiar situation Kashmir is in, almost every south Asian scholar has written a book on Kashmir. This section offers detailed reviews of the Jammu and Kashmir related books, interviews and profiles of the authors, besides, vital excerpts from the books written recently and in past.

Jillawatan: A tale in exile

Author: Khaliq Parvez Publisher: Mirson Publications, Baramulla Rs.350, pp 356Wani MhIt was shock and awe when Fareeda Ghani, a greying…

A Concerned Visitor

A British diplomat’s wife, Brigid Keenan, visited Kashmir first in the 1980s and was offered a century-old guidebook. Later she…

A Peerless Peer

After the jury selected Basharat Peer, author of Curfewed Night, as the Kashmiri of the year 2009, Kashmir Life invited…

Books Former IUST VC Prof Sidiq Wahid with Governor NN Vohra.
Bad Ideas Infect

by Siddiq Wahid Ideas have histories. To understand an idea, it is important to understand its history. One such is…

Nehru’s love for Kashmir

Edwina-Nehru relationship and its impact on J&K’s fate is a favourite debate for historians, but India does not seem ready…

A river chronicled

Jhelum has remained central to the identity of Kashmir, even worshipped at times. While chroniclers and hagiographers produced accounts of…

Remembering Shahid

Amitav Ghosh referred to Agha Shahid Ali as the ‘closest that Kashmir had to a national poet’. Recently America’s prestigious…

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