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Kashmir has been written about for centuries. Off late, owing to the peculiar situation Kashmir is in, almost every south Asian scholar has written a book on Kashmir. This section offers detailed reviews of the Jammu and Kashmir related books, interviews and profiles of the authors, besides, vital excerpts from the books written recently and in past.


The first proposed litfest in Kashmir generated controversy amid concerns raised by a group of individuals and extreme Facebook-reaction to…

Memories of a Pandit boy

Siddhartha Gigoo wanted to write a novella, but could not stick to the word count. In a freewheeling interview with…

In love with Kashmir

Justine Hardy is a journalist, a writer and an aid worker, working in the area of  mental health in Kashmir.…

Tales From The Valley

Kashmir’s narratives are coming to fore, with young writers writing for an international audience. After Basharat Peer’s acclaimed memoir Curfewed…

Monk makes it possible

Mehraj-din BhatBe it the Pressure of meeting deadlines, having very tight schedules or cupidity to work more to earn more,…

Worth the read

Reading books is a highly beneficial activity, but not many students in Kashmir read books outside their syllabus. Ibrahim Wani…

A woman’s ode

Naseem Shafai, is the first Kashmiri poetess to win the Tagore Literary award. She was published two collections of her…

Novel rise

He felt quite low when he missed becoming a doctor by only two points. However, it proved a blessing in…

Qaid-i-Inqilab: Ek Tareekh, Ek Tehreek

Sara Wani

By Dr Shafi Shariati Shariati Publications, Srinagar.350 pp, Rs 200

The book that has triggered a storm in one of Kashmir’s premier political party Jamaat-e-Islami is written in highly decorative and flowery prose. It falls short of being a classic biography as it talks less about its octogenarian focus Syed Ali Shah Geelani and more about his ideology with emphasis on the “betrayals” he suffered.

Facts of Resurgent Kashmir

Author: Dr Sheikh Showkat Hussain Publishers: Kashmir Institute, Abi Guzar Price: Rs 135 To be released on April 19 Sara…

Yet another jail account

by Sara Wani Long ago a non-descript man used to visit a library I frequented, not in pursuit of knowledge…

Jillawatan: A tale in exile

Author: Khaliq Parvez Publisher: Mirson Publications, Baramulla Rs.350, pp 356Wani MhIt was shock and awe when Fareeda Ghani, a greying…

A Concerned Visitor

A British diplomat’s wife, Brigid Keenan, visited Kashmir first in the 1980s and was offered a century-old guidebook. Later she…

A Peerless Peer

After the jury selected Basharat Peer, author of Curfewed Night, as the Kashmiri of the year 2009, Kashmir Life invited…

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