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This section is a window to the happenings and challenges that Jammu and Kashmir’s fragile ecology faces. It tackles water bodies, forests, flora and fauna, wild life, weather and impact of developmental activities on mother nature.

Cover Story Myriad Tents rested in Amarnath
Serving the faith

The conduct of the Amarnath pilgrimage is a garguntaun task every year. A huge number of government employees from almost…

Winds of Change

Unfamiliar weather conditions in Kashmir may be a consequence of climate change. Apart from forcing permanent changes in land use,…

Other Side Of Paradise

Natives of Pahalgam, allege that the Master Plan for development and environmental conservation has ignored their right to basic needs…

Stable When the Earth Trembled

Screams and wails of mourning filled the air as panicked residents ran for their lives when a massive earthquake hit Indian Kashmir Saturday, killing or wounding hundreds.

Plundering Heritage And Future

Famous Saffron fields of Kashmir have been under an onslaught. Shams Irfan investigates the archaeological diversity hidden underneath the spice fields, and their…

Wetland versus Sports field

A concerned citizen and a passionate lover of his immediate environment has stood up to powerful politicians and vested interests…


Lakhs of tourists are visiting Kashmir besides the half a million Amarnath pilgrims. However, the unregulated and badly managed affair…

Losing sheen

The fresh water resources of Kashmir valley are under serious threat as glaciers that feed have vanished or are receding…

Cover Story
Breeding An Epidemic

The hospitals in a Kashmir are ill-equipped to handle the waste, especially bio-medical and radioactive, putting lives and the environment…

Drought storm

In Pakistan IFTIKHAR GILANI finds why water issue is upping the ante against India along with the longstanding Kashmir issue.…

Living dangerously

Timber smuggling is a lucrative but risky business. Many young men have lost their lives while smuggling timber. Hamidullah Dar explores…

Weather blues

Subnormal temperatures are making the summer pleasant but crops are bearing the brunt. Haroon Mirani reports on the threats of…

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