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Pushed out

Computers are pushing out the good old typewriter, however, nobody knows the fate of thousands of typewriters which were part…

Conmen on the web

Cheats have always thrived in the sub-continent however, with the expansion of telephony and other communication technologies, many more seem to…

Disrupted communication

SMS services have been banned without a whimper, while home ministry’s snub to telecom operators threatens cellular services again. Ikhlaq…

Cover Story
Switched Off

Busting the myth of normalcy, the union government has banned prepaid cellular service in J&K in a move that shakes…

Bumpy bandwidth

For the fledgling IT sector in Kashmir, the road to development is no different from the roads in its city.…

Social network sites are here, long before we realised. It could not have been announced more loudly than a murder over a virtual friendship.  Shazia Yousuf anlayses the phenomenon.