#Day53: Soz Seeks 1953 Position Plus Musharraf Formula, Calls For Vigorous Fight



Prof Saif ud Din Soz

In a major development on Tuesday senior Congress man and former Union minister, Prof Saif ud Din Soz, demanded restoration of 1953 position for Kashmir along with those provisions which were publicised in 4-point formula by General Pervez Musharraf.

Addressing a brief presser here at a local hotel when Kashmir is shut and has buried 71 slain persons in renewed mass uprising, Soz made public a ‘document’ saying that he met “men of ideas in Delhi” recently.

‘Let us wage a vigorous fight, democratically’, Soz asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to miss the “history opportunity”. He said there is a realization on the other side of the LoC as well that the “borders” can not be re-drawn. He emphasized over an “achievable goal”.

“We must take help from our history, both distant and recent, to understand how to organize things afresh,” Soz said in his one-page statement. “If we decide to play the game democratically, we will not only be respected and supported nationally and internationally, but, our voice will be heard in a manner that can help us to achieve our purpose.”

However, he lashed at Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for provoking people while addressing a Jammu rally some days ago.

“Some nice people are coming to meet Kashmiris soon,” he revealed in the meeting, “and I believe reviving Delhi Agreement within the framework of what was known at one point of time as Manmohan-Musharraf 4-Point Formula for resolution of Kashmir dispute.”

He added that it could now be characterized as “Modi-Nawaz formula”. “Fortunately, this formula does not entail defeat for either of the parties to the dispute.”

In his strategy to “wage the struggle vigorously”, Soz has suggested ten steps which call for not “creating the barriers between and unionists and otherwise”.

He apparently referred to unionists and resistance leadership in his first step. “Let the ideas be allowed to flow freely.”

Soz said that Hurriyat leadership “deserves” respect. “And it must express ideas, as it suits it to do.”

When he was asked how Hurriyat Conference leaders will be given respect being under detention, Soz declined to comment.

Soz said the unionists, and youth leaders should also freely express their opinion on relevant issues.

Soz while seeking resumption of daily life and opening of schools and colleges, he said that let dialogue process start in Srinagar and it can be held in Delhi or elsewhere.

To discuss his ideas and suggestions, Soz has invited Dr Karan Singh, former Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and leftist Sitaram Yachuri, besides he appealed India and Pakistan to decide to start a meaningful dialogue over Kashmir. He said he has already met them in Delhi.

Soz said the failure of Musharraf Formula was because of the Pakistan’s internal problems. He said that the formula can be fine-tuned by stakeholders through talks.

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