Disallowing Political Parties To Hold Meet Condemnable: NC

SRINAGAR: National Conference on Thursday expressed dismay over the stifling of democratic voices by not allowing a mainstream political party from having a meet, saying the prolonged curbs and detentions on political parties, and activists is undemocratic and dictatorial.

In a statement Party Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while taking exception to the measures of J&K administration of not allowing the People’s Democratic Party to hold a meet, said the measure was oppressive and reminisive of colonial-era tactics of muzzling political voices in J&K.

He said that the prolonged curbs on mainstream political parties were not in the greater good of anybody and that such measures wouldn’t help to redeem the situation to fullest. “Our party colleagues were also denied their right to freedom but our party as the last resort sought legal course to provide succor to them. We pursued our case legally and peacefully, and the government on account of the indefensible nature of the detentions had no other option left but to release all our detained leaders. The government has no right to deprive a citizen of his liberty, even for one moment without the authority of law. We denounce the curbs and reprisals of all hues on mainstream political activists. Unfortunately, the mainstream voice is being caged in the form of gags on PDPs political activity. We denounce the measure in unequivocal terms,” he said.

The party Spokesperson also demanded the release of all political, trade union and civil society activists still languishing in detention centres, saying that the full salvation of the situation in J&k is not possible until all detainees are set free and the injustices committed on the people on August 5 are reversed.


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