Don’t repeat the dubious role you have played since 1975: Rasheed to NC, welcomes Dr Farooq’s statement


Urging National Conference leadership to show consistency, Awami Ittehad Party chairperson and MLA Langate, Er Rasheed has welcomed Dr Farooq Abdullah’s stand on Article 35-A, but asked him not to repeat what suspicious and inconsistent role National Conference played since 1975.

Rasheed, in a statement said that the two main regional parties will be held responsible for eroding the autonomy, special status and dilution of Kashmir cause.

“Whatsoever Dr Farooq Abdullah is saying has to be seen in light of the historical events of the past. NC should explain what happened to the resettlement bill passed by the state assembly but was still dragged to Supreme Court and for the want of proper pleading it is now story of the past. Recently when PDP succumbed to BJP’s ego and ideology by thrusting GST on Jammu & Kashmir, NC played the most dubious role by keeping mum over the issue and not taking it to the public domain. NC being the oldest political party cannot run away by simply playing with the words but has to own the responsibility for the major erosions which have taken place all these decades.”

The firebrand lawmaker expressed surprise over Farooq Abdullah’s comments that Union Govt should find how money was pumped to weaken National Conference.

“Why doesn’t Farooq Abdullah disclose all that what he wants New Delhi to reveal. He owes a responsibility to the people of the state to disclose if any secret deals had taken place in New Delhi to provide an alternate political platform.”

He said that if senior Abdullah doesn’t do so then one has a reason to believe that he is interested in supremacy of his dynasty over Kashmiris till doomsday.

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