Former Dir Hort Sentenced 5 years Imprisonment By Court

KL Report


GA Dar, then Director Horticulture Department, Kashmir  was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for five years and fine of  Rs 50000.

The Court of Special Judge, Anti-Corruption, Kashmir presided by M L Manhas today convicted Dar and sentenced him to undergo simple imprisonment for five years and fine of Rs 50000 under Sections 5(1)(d) r/w 5(2) P C Act. Svt.  2006.

The Court while dwelling on the subject stated that accused by abuse of his official position as Director Horticulture, Kashmir made backdoor appointments of 121 persons as gardners/orderlies in the Horticulture Department dehors all the norms, rules and regulations exhibiting favouritism at the cost of educated meritorious youth, thereby, shattering their faith in public officers and conferred pecuniary advantage to the appointees.

The prosecution has succeeded in proving charge against accused beyond reasonable doubt for commission of offence of criminal misconduct under Section 5(1)(d) r/w 5(2) of J&K Prevention of Corruption Act, Svt. 2006. The Court observed that it is conscious to the fact that corruption in a civilized society is a disease like cancer, which if not detected in time, is sure to lead to disastrous consequences, corruption is termed as plague.

The instant case was registered with Police Station, Vigilance Organization Kashmir on April 17, 2002 in consequence to report appearing in media that the Director Horticulture had made number of illegal appointments of Class-IV employees without adhering to the set procedure and norms. It was alleged that GA Dar during his tenure as Director Horticulture from November, 1997 to June, 1998 made 111 appointments against Class-IV posts and also regularized services of 14 daily wagers.

The allegations were substantiated during investigation and it was proved that the accused has made as many as 121 appointments to Class-IV services from different parts of the state. The investigation in the instant case was closed as Proved and challan was produced before Court on September 28, 2005. After a marathon trial of eight long years, the Court has convicted the accused and sent him to Central Jail, Srinagar for undergoing the sentence.


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