Govt facilitates Yatra, bans Milad: Malik

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JKLF Chairman not allowed to enter inside hoiuse of senior resistance leader Syed Ali Geelani (Image: JKLLF)
JKLF Chairman not allowed to enter inside hoiuse of senior resistance leader Syed Ali Geelani (Image: JKLLF)

Disallowing an indoor Seerat-I-Nabi conference organized by Tehreek I Hurriyat at Hyderpora and stopping people from participating in it is a glaring example of Muslim animosity practiced by India and its agents in Kashmir. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik.

Malik Monday was stopped by police and forces from entering Tehreek Hurriyat office at Hyderpora where he was going to participate ine the seerat conference.

While condemning the police highhandedness and anti-Muslim approach by PDP/BJP rulers, Malik said that from a long time Jammu Kashmir is witnessing a communal disparity by Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges who on one hand are seen facilitating Amarnath Yatra, Dushera etc. but on the other hand use brutal force to stop Muslim rituals and days like EId-Milad- un Nabi (SAW) and Muharam in Jammu Kashmir.

Malik according to spokesman said that Kashmiri Muslims are not averse to facilitating any religious ritual and have always stood for religious harmony and equality but facts speak volumes about the “disparity being practiced by Indian state and its Kashmiri stooges when it comes to Muslims and rituals related to

He said that as he reached Hyderpora to participate in a Seerat-I-Nabi (SAW) conference organized by Tehreek I Hurriyat but police and forces stopped him and “after 15 minutes asked him to leave as this indoor conference was banned under the garb of law and order by the shameless rulers.”

“One is surprised to know that how can an indoor Conference on Seerat-i-Nabi (SAW) cause a law and order problem and how low can these PDP rulers stoop for their lust of power and authority,”he said and added that “the way Muslims are being ill- treated by PDP/BJP rulers in Jammu Kashmir that too at the behest of
RSS is highly condemnable and it has actually exposed the deceitful
politics of so-called rulers.”

He said that using police might to stop Eid Nimaz, Muharam processions , Seerat programs and Milad Jalsas shows the acrimony of Indian state and its Kashmiri Stooges with Muslims of Jammu Kashmir but these shameless rulers should know that their tyrannical and communal acts cannot deter us from perusing the
path of truth and freedom.

Malik said that Islam and prophet of Islam (SAW) has taught us to remain steadfast on the path of truth and resistance against oppression, he has taught us to be upright, love humanity, shun cowardice and always side with the oppressed and today when we are observing the birthday of our great Prophet last messenger of Allah (SAW) we all should pledge to follow his Seerat and Sunnah (prophets way of life) and his worthy teachings and shun
the path of ignorance and innovations (Bid’ah).


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