Jamaat reiterates its claim on ‘Geelani’s property’

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Stating that the feud between Huriyat Conference (G) Chairman Syed Ai Geelani and Jamat-e-Islami (JeI)

Syed Ali Geelani File Photo(Bilal Bahadur)
Syed Ali Geelani File Photo(Bilal Bahadur)

over the Hyderpora property is expected to get resolved in March’s 1st week, Ameer-i-Jamaat Mohammad Abdullah Wani Saturday reiterated his claim that the property belongs to Jamaat saying that Geelani is its lifelong custodian.

JeI chief Mohammad Abdullah Wani told KNS over phone that the recent meet held between the senior JeI members and Huriyat (G) deliberated in detail over the issue and that further discussion over the matter is expected in the coming days. “Geelani Sahib has written a letter to JeI, asking that the issue must be resolved in the meet after his return from New Delhi.”

Wani stated further that it is the official stand of the JeI that the Hyderpora property that presently is in the possession of Geelani belongs to JeI and that the Huriyat chief is its lifelong custodian. “After that it is the shoora of JeI that will decide about the future course for this property.”

JeI chief maintained further that during the expected meet to be held between senior JeI members and Geelani in the near future , JeI will try to resolve the issue at the earliest. “The document that is in the court of law wherein Syed Ali Geelani has donated the Hyderpora property to a trust must stand null and void and that it is only Geelani sahib who is the guardian of the property that belongs to JeI.”

Pertinently Jamat-e-Islami (JeI) in the past took strong exception to Geelani’s move of handing over ‘his’ property to a charitable trust, stating that the senior separatist was just the custodian of the property that legally belongs to Jamaat.

The statement issued to KNS by Jamat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir had maintained the important meet of its Shoora under its Ammer Mohammad Abdullah Wani was called at the party headquarters wherein it was unanimously agreed by all shora members that the property of Jamat-e-Islami at Rahmat Abad Hyderpora will remain in custody of Syed Ali Gelaani till he is alive. “After that Jamat is authorized to take final decision over the property.” 


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