Knitting Dreams

A young hospital management professional has converted her passion for crocheting into her profession and she sells her art online, reports Samreena Nazir

As one enters the house of Snober Aijaz Khan, the colourful walls decorated with bright coloured wall hangings made with crochet are fascinating. A cute crochet doll hanging down a bunch of keys in the lock of the door catches quick attention.

Hailing from Islamabad’s Iqbalbad locality, Snober, 23, is living her passion. She loves to create new beautiful designs using crochet and adores her artistic qualities, which she has inherited from her grandmother, Shameema Akhter. In a very short span of time, Snober has earned a reputation of an artist after she made her passion turn into a business.

Snober was interested in this art ever since she saw her grandmother playing with the designs as a master artist. Shameema, a retired nurse from a privately owned hospital, would always remain surrounded by a score of ladies, whom she used to teach mostly during winters. She had magic in her fingers. Snober learned the basic crochet designs from her grandmother. Using her creative abilities, she makes a good number of new and trendy crochet products, which are attracting her customers

“I was inclined towards this art from the time I got wits,” Snober said. “Whenever I used to see my grandmother and mother crocheting I too used to take hooks and yarn and copying their fingers literally.” She said the crocheting gives her peaceful pleasure as she cherishes every knit. “I particularly love to make new things while experimenting with my creativity,” Snober said.

Despite never been an art student, Snober nourished her artistic senses in a mesmerizing manner. She weaves mufflers, caps, sweaters, booties, pin cushions, key chains, curtain holders, mittens, slippers, dresses for kids. However, she enjoys making crochet jewellery. Her products are most impressive and interesting like her educational qualification.

Snober holds good Curriculum Vitae. After completing her Bachelors in Emergency and Trauma Care Technology from Jamia Hamdardin Delhi, Snober did her MBA in Health and Hospital Management. But what is more interesting is that Snober enjoys knitting and is keen to follow her passion.

“Although crochet is not new to Kashmir, I can say something we have forgotten like our other arts,” Snober said. “This is something, we need to revive. Earlier, I used to make things for my family and friends, but while I was in Delhi pursuing my studies, many of my friends suggested me to commercialize my art.”

Inspired by other online ventures, Snober started an online store, Woolenart Kashmir, a page on Instagram, in December 2016, to promote her products. It was the time when she started working with more vitality and explored her work. “Thanks to Allah, I received a positive response from my customers and earned a good clientele,” Snober said.

Unlike other online stores, run by young members, Snober’s core team comprises her mother and grandmother who work with a spirit and manage the bulk of orders. “We never sit idle at home. This is the best way to consume our free time and keep ourselves busy,” Jabeena, Snober’s teacher mother said. “I learnt this skill from my mother-in-law but my daughter gave wings to my skill making it an art.”

Snober insists that it is not all about the money. “Everyday when an item gets completed, it is like we print out the images from our imaginations with the magic of our hands,” Snober said. “I believe that nothing can be more satisfactory than customer satisfaction.”


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