Let’s Control!

Riyaz Ul Khaliq

Riyaz Ul Khaliq

Social media is the weirdest tool available to those who love to jump to the guns. Now, don’t dismiss it as the sweeping statement at the first go itself. Blame it on how people are behaving on the virtual platform these days.

So, when certain judgement came, the lynch-mob of social media pounced to call their shots. It wasn’t for the first time when such behaviour was noticed on the social media. Anyway, in times of great irrationality, even craving for rationality sometimes seems absurd. But what isn’t absurd is the fact how the same behaviour gives license to some people to put labels on others.

To understand this complex, we don’t always need Camus, Sarte, or any other heavy brain. It simply needs a no non-sensical mind to read the forthcoming behaviour. Fine, people must exercise their freedom on the public platform. Nobody is questioning or gagging that. But, at least, one must not become a default hangman on the interactive medium, where others would, but feel at mercy of their approval.

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It somehow creates an impression of Big Brother syndrome in the lovely medium available to us. With the result, one is but compelled to watch his/her words before sharing them. And if somehow one happens to share them, a pack of like-minded weirdoes would pounce to dismiss them as some ideologue. Such ‘hunt-in-pack’ mentality is again something, which must have been avoided to let the views coming. But, at times, one tends to expect too much.

Although such behaviour exhibited by social media is the outcome of human nature, but still certain form of restraint is necessary. Again, I am not denying people’s right to suggest the things they believe in. But, let’s stop being belligerent every time to pass our argument or to suggest that mine is gospel truth. So, let’s control!


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