Mehbooba trying to Rebuild her Damaged Image by Destroying her Father’s Legacy: NC



Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Monday said that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti’s was “trying to rebuild her damaged image by trying to prove that late Mufti Sahab was power hungry and was incapable of standing up to BJP’s violations of the PDP-BJP Agenda of Alliance”.

“Mehbooba Ji is trying to rebuild her damaged image by destroying the last vestiges of her late father’s reputation and legacy. Everyone knows Mehbooba Mufti helped forge the PDP-BJP Alliance and was an active part of this marriage of convenience between the two parties. The current posturing is just another chapter in PDP’s political melodrama,” the NC Spokesperson said in a party statement this evening.

“Mehbooba Mufti was neither reluctant to take over as the Chief Minister nor was she driven by any alleged ideological convictions. She was not only the Party President but also the representative of PDP who addressed a joint Press Conference with BJP President Amit Shah in Delhi and gave the first formal indications of the PDP-BJP alliance. This presumption that the people of this State can be fooled so easily is wrong. PDP stands exposed and no amount of posturing and melodrama can rebuild Mehbooba Mufti’s image. She remained on mute for an entire year about issues like AFSPA revocation and safeguarding of Article 370 – issues she used to come out on the roads to advocate before her party entered into an alliance with the BJP,” the NC Spokesperson said.

Commenting about PDP’s “alleged” fresh demands from the BJP, the NC Spokesperson said, “it was bizarre that the same PDP that voted against the return of power projects in the Legislative Council earlier last year was suddenly concerned about our power projects. These are all issues that PDP had bartered for the CM’s chair and Mehbooba Mufti never uttered a single word about these issues in the last ten months. It was PDP that sidelined the demand for the revocation of AFSPA – which she used to be vocal about while in the opposition. It was none other than Mufti Sahab who created history by incarcerating Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir on the directions of New Delhi in order to prevent them from going to New Delhi to meet a visiting Pakistani delegation – something that had never happened in the past. Where was Mehbooba Mufti when all of this was unfolding? Why was she silent now and why has her conscience awakened only now after Mufti Sahab’s demise? Why was Mehbooba Mufti silent when the much hyped ‘battled of ideas’ was blown to smithereens? These are questions that the PDP should answer,” NC Spokesperson added.

“We all remember how Mehbooba Mufti remained conspicuously silent when the State Government issued a circular withdrawing an earlier circular that only reiterated the constitutional sanctity of the State Flag. We remember how Mehbooba Mufti suddenly abandoned her demands for the complete revocation of AFSPA. When she was in opposition, she used to say AFSPA revocation was a decision that could be taken singularly by the Chief Minister of J&K. What stopped her from asking Mufti Sahab from revoking AFSPA for the past 10 months? If she had these concerns, she should have voiced them as a representative of the people in the Parliament – which is her duty. But she remained completely silent,” the NC Spokesperson further said.


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