Mirwaiz Denounces Acid Attack, Says Responsibilty Lies On Parents

KL Desk


Terming the act as against the teachings of Islam and rudiments of humanity, Hurriyat (M) Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has strongly condemned the recent acid attack on a young school teacher.

According to a statement issued by Hurriyat (M), Mirwaiz expressed serious concern over the ‘barbaric’ incident. “Due to increasing immorality and materialistic approach, humans have become beasts who are ready to commit criminal acts whenever they find an opportunity”, said Mirwaiz.

Asserting that such incidents have become a cause of extreme concern for the society, he said that the rising immorality could be curbed by introducing religious teachings in the curriculum apart from taking other corrective actions to address this issue of grave concern.

Mirwaiz said the prime responsibility falls on parents since they are the first teachers of their children. He said parents should make it sure to impart moral teachings to their kids so that gruesome incidents like this do not take place in future.

It was high time to eradicate the social ills in the society and save future generations of Kashmir from looming menace, the Mirwaiz added.


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