Now, BJP Politicians Ride their PSOs



BJP MLA Krishan Lal

In a bizarre violation of human values, a BJP legislator from Jammu climbed on back of his Personal Security Officer (PSO) to cross a stream – the water level of which is apparently not more than knee height.

The incident has gone viral on social networking sites with netizens taking dig at such an action of the right wing Hindu Chhamb Assembly segment legislator.

A doctor by profession himself, “such an action of the MLA has revived the days of ‘bonded labour’,” said a student.

However, the legislator has justified his action. “This is not misuse of the power, the government has employed the PSO to help me, what is wrong if he helped me cross the stream,” Krishan Lal has said.

Lal has said that “it was the duty of the PSO to help him cross the rivulet”. “No this is not bonded labour, we were crossing the rivulet when he volunteered to carry me on his back, we are here to help each other, we both are public servants,” he said.


  1. Nothing new. This party came to power piggy riding on false accusations, false propaganda and arousing the sentiments on communal lines. The parasitic tendency is evident during every inaugurations, started by previous government. They take credit for it and keep blaming Congress


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