Physiotherapy as Career Option


Dr Sheema Rehmani is working as Senior Consultant Physiotherapy at Al-Tabeeb Fitness and Physiotherapy. She answers some questions asked by Saima Rashid on Physiotherapy as career option.

Kashmir Life (KL): What is physiotherapy?

Sheema Rehmani (SR): Physiotherapy is the treatment for bodily ailments or weakness by physical means. Doctors access, diagnose and rehabilitate the ailing person by physical means such as Exercise therapy and Electro therapy.

KL: What is the procedure of getting into this field?

SR: The procedure is as simple as we choose any other course after passing class 12. Appear into JKCET and accordingly on meritorious grounds, you will be allotted a medical college either in Kashmir or in Jammu. Its degree named as BPT (Bachelors in Physiotherapy) takes five years for completion and moreover one year internship is also needed.

KL: What is its scope in a place like Kashmir?

SR: I think every new concept takes time to come in limelight. Though physiotherapy in Kashmir has been since years but from past few years it is at the verge of getting its due importance. As physiotherapies are time consuming, so all it needs is patience and cooperation from patients so as to regain their healthy body.

KL: What are the job opportunities?

SR: As unemployment is a serious ongoing issue in Kashmir so same is the case with physiotherapy jobs. But as far as this field is concerned we can excel in it by finding the correct means of operation like creating awareness as much as you can. Nowadays it has became the need of the hour taking sedentary lifestyle of people into consideration who have become more like couch potatoes due to their busy schedules in their offices.

KL: How did you get into this field?

SR: As everybody joins the race of building career after 12th, I thought choosing Physiotherapy would be a better career option. I completed my degree in Physiotherapy from Rajiv Gandhi University Bangalore.

KL: Share your working experience as a Physiotherapist?

SR: After completion of my degree from the Bangalore University, I started working as consultant physiotherapist at VLCC Bangalore. But then back in Kashmir I saw people claiming more of back pains and joint pains. So I came back and thought of using treatment skills on my people and make their life healthier. Job is tough but carrying the caring attitude towards your patient at times helps more than the medicinal treatment and then every challenging stuff turns easy. All you need is patience, cooperation and caring behaviour for your patient, if you have these three qualities then money follows itself.


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