Ration Distribution: People Accuse Govt Announcements Contradict Ground Reality

KL Report


As the state government announced free ration for the flood hit state, people from several areas complain of official neglect, saying promises haven’t been implemented on ground.

Scores of people told KNS that they are being made to move from pillar to post in getting ration quota and the state officials are virtually invisible on ground which is adding peoples’ woes at large.

Scores of people from Hazratbal, Buchpora, Habak, Naseem Bagh, MalaBagh and other adjoining areas complained that so far the promises made by the government are yet to be fulfilled and the serious dearth of ration is being felt on ground with no state official visiting them to listen to their grievances.

People from various areas maintained that they have been taken for ride by the authorities as the government claims and announcements contradict the reality being witnessed on ground in Srinagar and other adjoining areas of Kashmir valley.

“A one point, the state ministers announce before TV cameras that free ration of 50 Kgs per month has been allotted to each house hold in the state for the period of six months but when the concerned depots are approached, the officials there say they have no order of such nature in possession,” said Ghulam Rasool Mir, an upper town resident. He added that when such is the condition of ground, it could be imagined what would be the fate of people in the coming days.

“We heard that ration was provided to the people at various areas but there are scores of other localities that are in the desperate need. The areas wherein the flood victims have taken refuge must be looked into so that appropriate measures are taken by the state government in ending the crises that are being felt on ground,” Gulzar Ahmad of Hawal told KNS.

Residents of other areas also raised serious concern, stating that the official apathy has marred the relief operations in the state with no one to care for the flood victims on ground. People said that the concerned Munshis return the people who seek ration as per the government order, saying that the same must be written by the department. “”Wherefrom could we get it. Are we here to get orders from the state government or to get ration for the flood victims that have sought shelter in our houses,” said Ghulam Qadir Bhat, a downtown resident.

Meanwhile, when contacted the senior CAPD officials told KNS that the government earlier had issued the verbal orders for the issuance of 50 Kgs of ration to each house hold and their staff deputed at various ration depots was not in the possession of any government order. They added that since the staff now has been intimated formally, the grievances of people on ground would end at the large extent. 


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