SRINAGAR: An article in a state run Chinese daily has warned that if India stirs up conflicts in several spots then the consequences of that could be going for an all-out confrontation.

The saber rattling and the media clashes comes in the wake of ongoing stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Sino-Indian border in Sikkim. It began when Indian troops stopped Chinese soldiers from building a road in disputed area of Doklam.

“China must be prepared for future conflicts and confrontation,” Duo Mu, a Chinese commentator wrote in the Global Times. “China can take further countermeasures along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). If India stirs up conflicts in several spots, it must face the consequence of an all-out confrontation with China along the entire LAC.”

The opinion piece said that India’s plans of devoting more resources at border would evoke a reaction from China. “China can engage in a competition with India over economic and military resources deployment in the border area. With growing national strength, China is capable of deploying resources in remote border areas.”

The article suggested, “China must continue strengthening border construction and speed up troop deployment and construction in the Doklam area. These are legitimate actions of a sovereign country.”

Earlier China had offered to act as a negotiator between India and Pakistan for resolution of Kashmir dispute. The offer was rejected by India while as Pakistan welcomed it. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehboob Mufti, after meeting Home Minister Rajnath Singh, had blamed China of meddling in Kashmir.

The Red Army has been repeatedly trying getting deep into the high altitude meadows in remote Ladakh bordering Western Tibet. Though there were no skirmishes ever, the two armies had to arrange a series of flag meeting to discuss the issues along the J&K’s Line of Actual Control (LoAC) with China.



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