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Sex Slavery

Abducted, she spent more than a year as a sex slave entertaining drug addicts, paedophiles…


A biscuit for health

As entrepreneurship in Kashmir takes roots, a businessmen is in the process of manufacturing biscuits…


Remembering Shahid

Amitav Ghosh referred to Agha Shahid Ali as the ‘closest that Kashmir had to a…


Leelakaran dumped

While election results in Kashmir were surprising, Jammu parliamentary constituency shocked one and all. But the underlying reasons are not hard to find. Majid Maqbool reports.

As Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) entered poll fray in 2008 assembly elections, the Amarnath land controversy had polarized voters in Jammu. The Hindutva card was the best this right wing party could have played. BJP played the card and grabbed 11 seats in J&K’s legislative assembly.
Leelekaran Sharma, who led the Amarnath Sanghrash Samiti during protests in Jammu, Kathua and Samba districts of the state, entered Parliament election fray on a BJP ticket hoping to cash on the polarization once again. But the land controversy had already boiled down and Sharma was shooting his foot by joining politics.
Before the elections, Leelakaran had publicly announced that his mission was completely apolitical. By jumping into elections, he was actually making his intensions of a career in politics clear. This annoyed many voters who had earlier seen a selfless leader in Sharma.


In vortex of crime

From a society which believed that skies turn red when a murder is committed, Kashmir was made

A fading trot

Hamidullah Dar

Once a popular mode of transport connecting cities and towns in the valley, the Tonga or horse-cart has lost its sheen over the years – mainly due to proliferation of automobiles and in part due to apathy of authorities
While in Srinagar the Tonga has bitten the dust, in suburbs and towns, the vintage mode is still available. A horse driving a cart with the whipping driver standing in front and at least five passengers on the seats is partly visible on the streets in suburbs.
Although government tried to remove the Tongas from roads in towns owing to their obstructive speed and unusual stoppage, instead deciding to compensate the Tonga drivers by providing them vehicle permits and monetary benefits, the drivers are hardly impressed.


Dreaming Europe

A South American footballer is changing football scene in Kashmir. For a start, he plans…

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Lal Ded’s Shame

As the world celebrates Mother’s Day, Shazia Yousuf and Shazia Khan visit Srinagar’s biggest maternity…