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medicineKashmir hospitals have still “reasonable” amount of medicine available. The health authorities said there is no shortage of any medicine—”as truckload of medicines is on way from winter capital”.

Given the “warlike” situation in Kashmir following the killing of over 30 civilians by forces, hospitals in South and central Kashmir have been facing huge rush of bullet- and pellet-hit injured. Over 800 injuries to civilians have been reported so far. However, there has been no problem of any medicinal shortage from Directorate of Health Services Kashmir.

“There is reasonable amount of medicines available in all hospitals across Kashmir,” Director HSK, Dr Saleem-ur-Rehman told Kashmir Life. “There is no problem on this account.”

However, the director said that even if any hospital faces any problem on this front, “we buy it from market without waiting.”

When asked about the routine supply of medicines to Kashmir region, Dr Saleem said, “we get it and there is no halt in it. But this time we have ordered 2000 Kramer Wires.”

What is Kramer Wire?

It is an easy to cut aluminium wire splint—easy to fit contour injures, pocket-sized solution for temporary setting of fractures. This stitching wire can be easily cut by the scissors.

“Director Health Services Jammu has been helpful and he is sending us a truckload of medicines which will leave winter capital by this evening,” Dr Saleem added. “We order things in advance.”

Principal Government Medical College Srinagar too expressed similar views and said “there is no need to panic”.

“We know about medicines and we give a buffer zone between availability and need of medicines,” Dr Kaisar, Principal GMC told Kashmir Life while leaving one operation theatres in a Srinagar hospital.

“In current situation, there are drugs used in emergency cases,” he said. “First we need life-saving drugs—so that, patient is immediately saved. Then there is requirement of anaesthetic agents followed by anti-biotic and disposal.”

Dr Kaisar said that “all drugs are available in Kashmir”.

“Five theatres are operational in SMHS and there is no shortage of any such medicine,” he asserted. “Given the surgeries we conduct, we have huge quantity of stitching material available.”


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