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Hakim Mohammad Yasin

While holding Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led government responsible for five-month uprising in Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) President and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin Friday asked the government to come clear over the issue of granting domicile certificates to West Pakistan Refugees.

“It is PDP-BJP government which is responsible for the five-month unrest as they have been raking one or the other controversy ever since they entered into an unholy alliance in March 2015. Now when the situation was apparently returning to normal, this government deliberately took a decision which is only and only against the interests of Kashmiris,” Yasin said in a statement issued here.

Stating that the PDP-led government was only taking those decisions which harm the interests of Kashmiris, he said, “If government claims they are just giving the identity cards to the refugees, it isn’t a fact. The identity cards are already with them.”

“No doubt it (refugees issue) is a humanitarian issue but why didn’t government discuss the issue in the upcoming Assembly session. If the government would have been sincere, they would have discussed the issue in the Assembly where all the parties could have given their suggestions,” the PDF chief said and added it is a sensitive issue and creating controversies on such issues were not in the interests of the state.

While terming the granting of domicile certificates to West Pak Refugees as wicked conspiracy to temper the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, he asked the PDP to clarify its stand over the issue. “While in opposition PDP would always oppose granting citizenship rights to the refugees. Let the PDP clarify whether they were wrong then or they are wrong now. Why has been this party taking U-turns on all sensitive issues,” Hakim Yasin asked.

“If for power PDP entered into an unholy alliance with the BJP then they shouldn’t have raked up the drama of ‘Agenda of Alliance’.” With every passing day, the PDP-led government is eroding the state’s special status,” he added.

The MLA Khansahib said the anti-Jammu and Kashmir elements have been using different tactics to change the demography of the state and today they have raked up such issue again. “As per the Article 370 and the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, no non-state residents can get state subject or the voting rights. To protect the Article 370, we can offer any kind of sacrifice,” he added.


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