Farooq vows to Fight Reactionary, Communal Politics



Dr Farooq Abdullah
Dr Farooq Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Saturday decried “reactionary and communal” politics, saying this may accrue short term gains for some but ultimately its fallout on “secular fabric” could be disastrous.

“National Conference has always fought against politics of divide, as it believes in inclusiveness and homogeneous social order,” Dr Abdullah said while addressing workers rally at Bagani in Mathwar Block of Nagrota Assembly Constituency in Jammu.

He said his party has always flagged “public welfare and development of Jammu and Kashmir” as its core agenda and worked towards the empowerment of people in all the three regions. “Jammu and Kashmir has to grow and flourish as a single entity and those exploiting sentimental politics were actually playing with this unique characteristic of the State,” he maintained while asserting that the party cadre will foil all machinations of the divisive forces.

Dr Abdullah recalled “sacrifices” offered by National Conference in “maintaining amity and brotherhood” between various segments of society during most testing times and said this mission will continue notwithstanding turbulent winds keeping hovering from time to time.

He urged the workers to emulate the spirit of togetherness that has been the only treasure of the party.

The National Conference President lauded the cadre for their resilience with which they were fighting inimical forces which were hell bent on dividing the state in bits and pieces for their vested interest. “All religions preach for oneness,” he said adding paths may be different but the ultimate destination was the same.

Dr Abdullah reiterated his party’s resolve to seek maximum participation of youth in decision making by creating congenial atmosphere for their growth in politics. “In fact, National Conference has been providing huge space and political platform to public spirited youth to work towards betterment of the society,” he added.

Recalling the initiatives taken by National Conference governments, from time to time, the former Chief Minister said that development and progress of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh has been its major plank.

“This momentum has to be maintained for taking the state to pinnacles as it has immensely suffered during the past few decades,” he said.

He also referred to the initiatives taken during his tenure as Union Minister for Energy, saying power development is key to economic progress in a state like Jammu and Kashmir.

He also responded to the local issues and said drinking water scarcity in Nagrota can be met by harnessing Chenab River. He said power generation and harnessing of huge hydel resources were imperative for overall progress of the state.

Complimenting people for elected highly public spirited and dedicated representative, Dr Abdullah hoped that Devender Singh Rana will continue his tireless effort of bringing Nagrota into focus and ensuring its all-round development.

He said his initiatives in pursuing various developmental agencies are discernible in form of accelerated work on various projects.

Speaking on the occasion, former minister and senior leader Mian Altaf castigated PDP-BJP Government for betraying the people during its 10-month misrule.

Mian Altaf said that the previous government failed on all fronts and the promises made to the people proved to be hoax. “The coalition failed miserably in meeting the aspirations of people”, he said and referred to anti-poor policies of the PDP-BJP government with particular reference to anti-people National Food Security Act. (CNS)


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