NC MLAs Marshalled Out, Marshall Injured; House Adjourned for the Day



As the lower house of the state assembly resumed its business third time on Monday, all opposition legislators stood up from their seats and raised anti-government slogans demanding discussion on beef ban and flood rehabilitation.

Earlier, Speaker Kavinder Gupta disallowed discussion on the beef ban issue citing rule 58 of the house.

As the speaker entered the house he asked Mbarak Gul and Ali Muhammad Sagar to raise their issues to which the duo said, “it is a deliberate move to allow opposition MLAs to start discussion.”

NC’s Jammu head and MLA Nagrota, Devendra Singh Rana stood up from his seat raised anti-government slogans.

“RSS Speaker Hai Hai, RSS Speaker Hai Hai; Modi-Mufti Hai Hai; RSS ka jo Yaar Hai, Gadaar Hai Gadaar Hai” the opposition legislators led by Rana raised the slogans.

Altaf Kaloo tried to jump into the Well of the House who was stopped by the marshals. The show continued with NC’s Shiekh Ishfaq and NC’ Majeed Larmoo who were marshalled out of the house.

In the pandemonium, a Marshall suffered muscle injuries.

The opposition MLAs continued beating the desks and the speaker adjourned the house for the day.


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