The path shown by my brother won’t stop; says Maqbool Bhat’s sister

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Muhammad Maqbool Bhat

On the 33rd hanging anniversary of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat, his family said that the struggle against India will continue until the goal (freedom) will not be achieved.

Talking to local news agency KNS, Maqbool Bhat’s sister said, “The path shown by my brother won’t stop. We (Kashmiris) will continue to follow his footprints until the freedom will not be achieved.”

She said that Bhat sacrificed his life for a sacred cause through which he conveyed a message to the world community that if freedom was given to India then why they seem reluctant to give freedom to the Kashmir. “The India has unleashed terror in Kashmir. We (Kashmiris) are being killed, maimed and blinded with bullets, pellets and other things,” she added.

She said that besides Bhat, several others like Burhan Muzaffar have “sacrificed their lives for the sacred cause and have achieved martyrdom in this freedom struggle.”

Meanwhile, Bhat’s brother said that on this day his brother was hanged and buried in New Delhi’s Tihar jail.

“My brother has sacrificed his life for the freedom of Kashmiri nation. He has said that the struggle would continue until the day of independence,” he said.


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