Trade Bodies Call for Kashmir Bandh on July 25 Against Rajouri Events



Kashmir’s trade bodies Thursday called for a Kashmir Bandh on Saturday (July 25) to protest the Rajouri events.

“The sordid and reprehensible disruptive events taking place in Rajouri have shaken the faith of people in general and the business fraternity in particular in the system of administration followed in the State of J&K,” the trade bodies said in a joint statement.

The trade bodies including the Kashmir Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (INC) & Its Affiliated Associations, Federation Chamber Of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), Kashmir Traders And Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) and Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA).

“The business organizations in one voice express their solidarity with the people of Rajouri/Poonch in the first place while they have been noting the over tones of the vested interest raised either by claiming establishment of AIIMS, IIT, IIM are dislodging people from different areas of the State on the pretext of reclaiming the forest land and creating feud between the communities by desecrating the articles of their faith (Kalima Tuaiba),” the joint statement said. “The business fraternity therefore condemn the forces who are bent upon disrupting the peace and drawings wedge between the communities who have the age old history of brotherhood and community living.”

“In protest we unanimously therefore declare Kashmir Bandh to be observed by one and all on Saturday the 25th of July, 2015. We also appeal all the socio-religious organizations to support the Bandh call in the interest of integrity of the state of J&K,” the statement said.


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