TV Artists Staged Satirical ‘Nukkad’ Show in Srinagar to Highlight Delhi’s ‘Indifference’ Towards DD Srinagar



TV artists during Nukkad show in Srinagar. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)
TV artists during Nukkad show in Srinagar. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)

Scores of TV artists engaged by Doordarshan Srinagar in different capacities Tuesday turned up inside press Enclave and staged a Nukkad Show to highlight the ‘indifferent’ attitude adopted by DD’s head office in New Delhi towards them and the welfare of DD Srinagar.

Zamir Ashai—a renowned TV face and chairman of Television Professional United Forum—alleged that the forum’s repeated pleas for release of salaries and infrastructure up-gradation are deliberately being shrugged off by the people at the helm of affairs in New Delhi.

Ashai said that it was the hardwork of artists that brought Doordarshan on track in Kashmir after turmoil of 90s—“but the different attitude and hollow promise are all we were given in return”.

It was Arun Jaitley who launched DD Kashir Funfare, but stoppage of funds has hampered our operations, he said.

DD artists highlighted their grievances satirically by staging a Nukkad show.


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