Two Goons Arrested for Thrashing Kashmiri Scribe, Doctor in New Delhi



Two men were arrested and later released on bail by a local court for allegedly attacking a doctor and a journalist, both Kashmiris, in South Delhi’s Bhogal area Saturday.

Indian Express quoted Police as having said that Imran Shah, a freelance journalist, and his friend Amaar Khan, a doctor who works at the Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, were assaulted by five men at about 10 pm Saturday when they were on their way to a relative’s house in Bhogal.

The attackers also allegedly let loose their pet dogs on the duo and accused them of being ISIS terrorists and drug peddlers.

“We were walking towards my sister’s home for dinner. Five men spotted us and let loose their dogs even though we had done nothing to provoke them. The dogs began chasing my friend, who fell down and injured his leg,” said Imran.

Imran walked up to the group and asked them to control their dogs. “They responded by calling us ISIS terrorists and said the dogs were checking to see if we were carrying any drugs.”

“The men then punched and assaulted us,” said Amaar.

Imran said residents in the area heard the commotion and came out to support them, after which the group fled.

An FIR was registered against the assailants at Nizammudin police station under sections 323 and 341 of the IPC, said a police officer. “We initiated a priority investigation to identify the accused. Two of them were arrested and later released on bail,” the officer added.

Meanwhile, All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq condemned the attack by extremist elements on Kashmiri doctor, Amar Khan and journalist Imran Shah in New Delhi, adding, Kashmiris whether students, tradesmen or travellers were being victimized in different outside Kashmir in states of India.

In a statement, the amalgam spokesperson said, “harassing and terrorizing Kashmiris outside Kashmir had been going on for quite some time now making the travel of Kashmiris outside Kashmir dangerous and life threatening.”

Quoting reports that extremist elements in Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and different Indian states were threatening and harassing Kashmiris living, studying or conducting their businesses there, the APHC-m spokesperson said the security of these Kashmiris is the responsibility of the Government of India and the respective state governments who should ensure the safety of all these Kashmiris.


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