Why Do Not You Meet The People Who Gave Up Electoral Politics?


by Mubasher Rashid

Dear Faesal,

At the outset, I thank God for adverse weather forecast tomorrow (Friday) in Kashmir, which made you postpone the scheduled interaction with the people of Kashmir. I feel it as an opportunity for you to listen to more voices, before proceeding towards the journey, you have been signalling for the past many days.

I am a young Kashmiri, studying outside Kashmir. Due to genuine reasons, I feel I can’t attend the interaction session which you are planning in the coming days, to express and put forward my views, concerns and suggestions regarding your recent decision. If you think of considering it even here, I feel my responsibility to express one.

So you agreed that time has changed the way you were seeing Kashmir. To mention few, from unrecognizing people who represent sentiments to talking them unconditionally; from believing the right to self-determination as outdated concept towards accepting it as the core tool to resolving Kashmir dispute.

Now that you are about to take the second important step, the first being sacrificing the position which of course had taken years of hard work and dedication to achieve, I would humbly put forward one important suggestion before you would take the second step.

As you are yourself a nice witness to the changing deep-rooted perceptions, when meeting people holding diverse experiences, different backgrounds, you seem to be in haste and somehow forgetting the importance of the aforementioned fresh experience. I mean, why not to consider consulting people, who have shunned the path you seem to start the journey on if I am not wrong. Why not to consider talking to the people, whom you have recommended Government of India to have unconditional talks with. Doesn’t it seem your diluted attitude, suggesting something else, and doing something else?

To be straightforward enough, I have a great desire, and I wish you talk to the relevant stakeholders of Kashmir issue, primarily the separatists and the Jamat Islami, discussing and exploring their perceptions about Kashmir issue. I believe they have a lifetime experience regarding Kashmir issue, regarding politics, fought elections; won, and finally decided to be away from the mainstream for the rest of life.

Don’t you feel, exploring ‘why’ could be an amazing thing one can do. Don’t you think that talking to them could unfold mind-boggling helpful things and experiences? Consider how beautiful it would be for me to consult some person who has returned from the destination before I start the journey towards the same destination. Maybe talking to them would reveal more surprises, shift your perception again and help you decide your next step.

I am sorry, if it seems to undermine your abilities, your potential, or your leadership qualities. Believe me, I am more inclined towards seeing you joining politics, as we can’t afford seeing cabbage and cauliflower holding the corridors of power and sinking the beautiful boat–Kashmir– deep. But does it mean then joining “the disempowered lot” or “daily-wager folk”? No, Absolutely not!

Mubasher Rashid

Truth to be told, even I don’t have any answer to this question.

I feel I have nothing else to say than wishing you all the best. May God reveal more mysteries to you, give you more courage, guide you throughout this journey, and more importantly, you become an instrument to ending long pending Kashmir dispute.

Thank you,


(Author is a PhD scholar with the Central University in Rajasthan. His research revolves around the interface of biology, mathematics, and computation. He has travelled to Germany, South Korea, and Italy in connection with his research. Ideas expressed in this write-up are personal.)


  1. Ur every word has honesty towards ur brother …May Allah guide him n also u
    And make us an instrument of peace
    Er. Azhar khan ..scholar iit delhi

  2. Dear Mubashir
    You have wonderfully put your suggestions to the light bearer. Infact it is going to help him a long way forward.
    All luck.

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