Why Jailing A Teacher Is A Tragedy For A Society?

by Dr Masoon Ahmad Beig

I have received hundreds of such slaps from my teachers, but thanks to all of them in bringing me on the right path and helping me to achieve my goal

A pre-partition photograph showing the adult education class in progress, possibly in the old Biscoe School.
A pre-partition photograph showing the adult education class in progress, possibly in the old Biscoe School.

Builder of the nation has once again become the talk of the town and social media is abuzz with bad and good comments with regard to the teacher. Man who has never been to school and not knows ABC of the fact also comments on the issue. The profession, which is considered the most respectable one has now become the victims of the policies of state and society. The teacher who is next to parents, a guide and a mentor get jailed for slapping the student is a great tragedy.

Slap by a teacher is a blessing, but the way the half baked journalists made the video viral and some illiterate and irresponsible people share and made adverse comments on this video is condemnable and not less than a tragedy. The teacher is next to the parent and has every right to mend his students and bring them on a right track. The teacher has a duty to inculcate moral values among students to make them responsible citizens of the future.

Before commenting on the video and supporting the vulgar student one must watch the video seriously and see the hairstyle of the student. It seems that he has not sought permission from the teacher to enter the classroom, which is against moral values. Before entering the classroom one is bound to seek permission even if the principal of the institution enters the classroom he has to first seek permission from the teacher. I am telling on record whenever the principal sir of my college entered my classroom he always seeks permission from me.

Secondly one must introspect the things the scene was filmed by another student secretly which speak a lot about the indiscipline in the classroom and the vulgarity of students at HOPE Classes.

HOPE Classes as the name suggests an institution where parents send their children with the hope that their wards get a better education there and will become responsible citizens of tomorrow. It is worth mentioning here that how parents manage expenses to send their ward to Parraypora, a hub of coaching for NEET, JEE and other competitive exams. But if they indulge in immoral activities that will shatter the dreams of thousands of parents is a great tragedy.

Video Showing A Teacher Thrashing Student Takes Social Media By Storm, Forces Authorities To Act

Ahmad sir who is in jail now has not done any grave crime by slapping his student. How our society responded and how some people advocated for severe punishment to the noble teacher for mending the behaviour of students is a tragedy, which may have a great impact in future.

Since this student is an adolescent in his teenage, the age wherein the children need proper care and vigil by parents and teachers to keep them away from various nefarious activities and to save their future, but if the trend continued like that of jailing Ahmad sir for a blessed slap meant to mend his behaviour then the day is not far when our society will get ruined and our future generation will be the folk of vulgar, thieves, wranglers and many more which is not less than a tragedy.

I have received hundreds of such slaps from my teachers, but thanks to all of them for bringing me on the right path and helped me to achieve my goal – thanks to my loving teachers. Not only this but I want to recall one incident of my post-graduation classes at Kashmir University I witness that how my two classmates were slapped and dragged by one of the professors at Kashmir University on the pretext of creating indiscipline in the class, but neither we filmed the scene nor they complained before anyone and presently both are doing high profile job.

Although there are laws and acts which prohibit corporal punishment and harassment, but the teacher has also some rights to protect and safeguard his dignity and self-respect. He can’t be a mere spectator on seeing his students being involved in immoral activities and making fun of him.

Masoon Ali Baig

The last tragedy is that now the administration has taken cognizance of the so-called crime and has initiated the action against the teacher and the teacher is behind the bars, which is a great tragedy as such actions of administration will send a bad signal among the student community and will lead to disrespect and dishonour of a builder of the nation. Secondly, it will become an obstacle for teachers to perform their duty properly and will put a question mark on the status of teacher and teacher-student relation.

Now if our society and government are really concerned about our future generation, it is high time to release Ahmad Sir with dignity and respect and to stop bad commenting on social media platforms. And it is the responsibility of the Government to stop immediately the mushrooming of fake journalists otherwise in near future be ready for a disaster.

(The author teaches Geography at GDC Keelam. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Kashmir Life.)


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