Why Panchayti Raj Seems To Have Proved Nund Reshi’s Famous Prediction?

by Sheikh Minhaj Larvi

Nund Rish, the patron saint of Kashmir had predicted: “Vethe Hokhan Te Hander Grazan, Teli Maali Aasi Vander Raj”. (Rivers will dry and Drains will roar; Then my dear will be monkey’s Rule).

J&K Panchayat Conference Holds Protest In Srinagar on Thursday, September 17, 2020. KL Image

After the elected government in Jammu and Kashmir was cornered to the finishes, the Panchayati Raj came into the full force and Panchs and Sarpanchs are the grass-root pioneers in the current situation. The Panchayat elections were held in Kashmir when individuals were in dread of psychosis. due to the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 (A) and months-long shutdown in the valley, which came about that nearly grass-root pioneers got chose unopposed. The Modi government’s Naya Kashmir allowed a chance to the individuals who were scarcely skilled to speak to themselves yet sadly these days they are speaking to their towns.

Many of these public agents can’t feature the complaints of their particular territories to the concerned.

The Sarpanchs and Panchs are limited to NREGA and other rural development related works in Kashmir where there is the trade of token cash. Rest all the formative situation is at the skirt of devastation in light of incapable public representatives. It appears like the representatives are elected just like the brokers in the department of rural development work.

Very recently, I saw a Sarpanch who is not really capable to spell his name snatched a microphone from Executive Engineer in public outreach Jan Abhiyan programme. It was difficult for me to see that a district officer was offended by a person who was either “elected” unopposed or had secured votes of his immediate family.

Later in the wake of checking the realities I came to realize the entire programme was commandeered by the Sarpanchs and Panchs just so as to gag the public complaints against them. This is how illiterate individuals are administering the proficient class of our societies.

The occupants of our social orders who are accomplished and slanted towards the improvement of their particular zones are feeling vulnerable and hopeless right now since they couldn’t take an interest in the polls for one or the other reason. These days neither their endeavours for change yield any outcome nor would they be able to compel or go for any action against the individuals who are devouring the books of advancement like savants.

Paramilitary troopers stand guard outside a polling station Balahama on Srinagar outskirts on Saturday 17 November 2018 PHOTO BY BILAL BAHADUR

Nund Rish, the patron saint of Kashmir had predicted: “Vethe Hokhan Te Hander Grazan, Teli Maali Aasi Vander Raj”. (Rivers will dry and Drains will roar; Then my dear will be monkey’s Rule).

Nowadays the prediction shows up in presence. The individuals who can’t separate the great and terrible are administering the areas of our social orders and this might be called as Monkey’s Rule.

Different levels in our social order these days are in desperate need of reformation, which needs an educated lot to approach and manage the issues. We have a chance to engage our younger generation in various exercises instead of pushing them to the wall. The substance abuse and other social evils these days are ascending to the smell in every corner which influenced the psychological wellness of youth and our culture also. The destruction of such a hazard additionally needs the informed pioneers with a moralistic character.

In comparison to the rest of states for the most part the education segment of Kashmir is falling a long ways behind because of the absurd conditions. The need of an hour is to reshape the policies of the education system so the ability and capacities of our developing buds can be channelized in a legitimate manner. Additionally, the different schemes launched by the central government from time to time-related the reformation should be used for restructuring the ruined threads of improvement.

Yet, it is perfectly clear that just those can actualize the adjustment in frameworks who are themselves educated, illiterate delegates don’t have the capacity to make changes in the framework.

The uncertainty in Kashmir has exacerbated the formative circumstances without holding back in Jammu and Kashmir. The informed and exclusive class doesn’t come out for the vote in the polls which results in devastation. There are two different issues in Kashmir, The Kashmir Issue and The Issues of Kashmir.

To review the issues of Kashmir there is a solitary alternative that the informed class should come out and fill the void.

The government of India should revisit the fact that people did not participate in the Panchayat polls last time owing to dissent, so these alleged delegates should not be empowered. Government of India should constitute village formative boards of trustees and civil society to substitute the Panchayati Raj.

(The author is a student of journalism at the Central University of Kashmir, Ganderbal. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Kashmir Life.)

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