by Zahid Gulzar

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Suicide is damaging the body to put an end to mental pain that is like putting a band-aid on your fingers hoping it will make your headache go away.

Army soldiers carry out a rescue operation for a 16-year-old girl, who committed suicide by jumping into river Jhelum, in Srinagar, Saturday, May 8, 2021. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Life is really beautiful only if you start comparing yourself with anyone, listening to society because you know what? Society will tell you to live and then society will put pressure on you and tell you to die.

Stay alive for yourself, for your love, for your family, for your dream. All the other things never really mattered, the only thing that matters is that you are alive!

The problems you face the first time appear very severe but time and changes in circumstances make these bigger problems much smaller. So we have to adopt the formula of wait and see rather than killing oneself, for by ending one’s life.

Hermann Hess, a famous German poet and novelist experienced great turmoil and conflict with his parents. At the age of 15, he attempted suicide but was saved. After a long struggle, he became a great writer and in 1946 was awarded the noble prize in literature. He was lucky because he was saved but all aren’t.

Cause of Suicide

 Suicide is an extreme form of depression. The reason for the depression could be anything ranging from disappointment in so-called true love, business or academics to anything else as well – Bad grades, loss in business and failure are just mistakes.

Learn from them and move on. Sooner or later you will succeed. And what if someone who you love doesn’t love you back? Don’t bother thinking about it that simply means they have bad taste.

Allah is saving you from them and saving you for someone really special! Similarly, if you failed any examination you don’t have to worry, Allah must have made a better arrangement for you.

‘What About Me’

Let people think about what they think of you, the matter is what you think of yourself. Remember you were not born to impress society. You were born for your loved ones, for your dreams and above all for yourself. Your mother did not give birth to you for the people after nine months of hardship.

The present-day society will respect you and your thoughts only if you are holding a good post, have a job, have a big car or have the money earned by your parents.

Dear friends, it is the society that questions your ability and intelligence when you fail to get selected in any SSRB or UPSC examination. Instead of consoling you, they question your intelligence and ability.

Suicide Is No Option

Suicide is not an option. It is always completely out of question. It is a spiritual crime and it is the worst thing you can do to yourself. In the Quran Allah says “innama al usri yusra”  .. “indeed with every difficulty come ease” and “do not kill yourselves; indeed Allah is to you ever merciful” (Q:4:29)

Sabit bin al Dahak narrated that Prophet (saw) said,  whosoever kills himself with anything in this world will be tortured with it on the day of judgment”.  Abu Hurairah (ra) narrated that Prophet (saw) said, “Whoever throws himself down from the mountain and kills himself will be in the fire of hell, throwing himself down therein forever and ever.”

People resort to suicide to get relief from pain. They forget that relief is a feeling and they need to be alive to feel it. Suicide is damaging the body to put an end to mental pain that is like putting a band-aid on your fingers hoping it will make your headache go away.

How To Avoid Suicide

The best ways to avoid suicidal thoughts are:

Trust Yourself: Ups and downs are part of life and they are the means to prove your worth and they provide you with an opportunity to become a role model. Quitting is not an option. Facing the problems with an open heart is real bravery than uploading the video before taking the suicidal step.

Zahid Gulzar

Trust Allah and don’t forget “wala soufy uteek rabuk fatarda”….. “and your lord is going to give you and you will be satisfied” increase your ability to bear the pain and to increase your resource base. One of the simplest ways to increase all these is learning and meditation and doing some sort of social work. Meditation will help you quickly snap out of it.

Death is the ultimate adventure. But like all good things, you should have to wait for it to happen; otherwise, it becomes a tragedy and calamity.

(A postgraduate in physics and applied physics, the author is currently working at a private coaching institute in Anantnag. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Kashmir Life.) 


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