by Umar Afzal Dar

No one is going to value your time if you are not ready to value it on your own. People may keep you busy with the silly things and at the end, you have to repent for everything you are going to lose. Don’t waste your precious time over some false hope.

Time loss is irreversible. and in certain cases irreparable

There are four things that never come back once they pass, one is a spoken word, second is a lost opportunity, the third one is a fired bullet and the fourth important thing that will be my point of discussion here is a wasted moment of time.

The time we spent in life is getting subtracted from the time period we have been allotted in this world. Time is irreplaceable and indispensable. Time is a perishable commodity which is not going to be back once used. A morning of today with this write up in front of you will not come again. Things keep on changing and the ticking of clock won’t stop for anyone.

When we know we have to live for some small amount of years here in this world, then why to waste it in a wrong way? Why waste it for the people who don’t deserve it?

From the very beginning, one has to be very much concerned about the company which one chooses to spend time. The great achievers in the world had the same amount of time we are bestowed with, but they used it wisely and that is what made them perform at their peak. If you are able to manage time and life, then your rewards will be tremendous and the key lies in self-management.

No matter what happens in life the prescribed time for you is all set and it won’t change in any way. Science has advanced a lot but is not able to manufacture time. It can’t be used too quickly or slowly. It runs at its own pace and no one in the world can pause it. It passes on quickly when we are in joy and drags behind when we feel trapped in sadness. To accomplish anything we need time. The loss is permanent when we lose time. It is irreplaceable and indispensable. You can’t store or save time, accumulate or carry forward. The better way you spent time, the greater you will achieve in life and receive appreciation from every corner. Once a second is wasted, it is wasted and it can’t be retrieved back. Money is important in life but time is more precious than money. Time invested can give you anything but money invested can’t create time.

The importance of time is realized by a failed student, a passenger who misses a train by minutes, an athlete who loses the race by nano-seconds. Achievers think in terms of seconds and minutes, non-achievers think in terms of hours and days.

The primary reason of time wastage is the procrastination. It steals time, destroys initiative and ruins lives. Whenever we postpone the task for unjustified reasons, we call it procrastination. Whatever you want to do tomorrow, you should do it today. Today it may take you fewer efforts than doing it tomorrow. Today you are a day young than the next day. To procrastinate the things directly reflects the behaviour.

It is the practice of doing what is easy and pleasurable rather than what is important. The major cause of why people procrastinate is because of their escapist behaviour. The fear from the newly assigned jobs and are not ready to tight up the buckle of their courage. They feel that they will not succeed in delivering good results and this make them postpone unnecessarily. Sometimes the officials at various chairs unnecessarily delay the file clearance, it is because they are not able to get a hold on the matter to put forward. They want to lighten their burden by sidelining the urgent matters and spent time on things where they feel comfortable.

The irresponsible behaviour of an individual makes him postpone the things that are put before him. He tries not to shoulder the responsibilities that he needs to do. The lack of interest in accomplishing the desired target makes one lazy and this results in undue delay. You should be ready to finish the tasks which need immediate attention whether they may be unpleasant to your taste of work. You have to set the priority list and complete the task that is of utmost importance.

You should not do what is easy rather you should have a straight focus on what is important. Keeping with the pace of doing what is your routine, will turn you into a robotic machine. You need to struggle with yourself for the new challenges that life throws at you. This will build dynamic professionalism in your lifestyle. Accept the roles you are assigned and if you find it difficult in the beginning, time will develop the requisite qualities in you. You don’t need to stumble with the ordinary obstacles in your life. You need to bounce back after every fall.

Umar Afzal Dar

No one is going to value your time if you are not ready to value it on your own. People may keep you busy with the silly things and at the end, you have to repent for everything you are going to lose. Don’t waste your precious time over some false hope. People get settled where they find their comfort. The youth of this generation don’t value their precious years of career and fall in the trap of relationship where they get betrayed at the end. They lose the years of life which are precious in deciding the future of a student. Your books deserve much more time than roaming around for the filthy objectives.

Tame your time in the best possible way and you will get everything you wish for. Today you have to sacrifice a lot to see the bright sunshine of tomorrow. Time heals everything, today’s struggle of yours will be paid someday. Nothing goes in waste, keep giving your best possible shots and time will show you its fruitful results. Don’t lose your heart if you don’t’ find success soon. It will take time to set the things in the right order. You don’t have to waste time in repenting rather you should bounce back with motivation and improvisation of your thoughts. If you value your time, time will value you.

(Author is doing his masters in International Relations and is working at Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Kashmir Life.)


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