Budgetary parameters and plan 2009-10

Finance minister Abdul Rahim Rather outside state assembly complex with budget documents.
Finance minister Abdul Rahim Rather outside state assembly complex with budget documents.

The current year’s total receipts have been estimated at Rs. 22,739 crore in comparison to last year’s figure of Rs.19,077 crore. In the current fiscal, Rs.19,462 crore are expected as revenue receipts and Rs.3,277 crore as capital receipts. The current year’s total revenue expenditure is estimated at Rs.14,949 crore, indicating a revenue-surplus of Rs.4,513 crore. The total capital expenditure is estimated at Rs.7,790 crore. The fiscal deficit is estimated to come down to Rs.2,081 crore representing 5.4% of our current year’s estimated GSDP in comparison to 6.9% of last year.

The total tax revenue of the State is estimated at Rs.3,111 crore for the current financial year as against Rs.2,693 crore of last year. The tax GSDP ratio is expected to improve to 11.2% in comparison to 11.0% of last year. The VAT collections are estimated at Rs.2,066 crore as against Rs.1,853 crore of last year indicating an increase of 15%. The State Excise is expected to yield Rs.260 crore in the current year as against the budgeted figure of Rs.250 crore of last year. Taxes on goods and passengers are expected to reach Rs.316 crore in comparison to Rs.297 crore of last year.

The non-tax revenue has been estimated at Rs.1219 crore as against the corresponding budgeted figure of Rs.1127 crore of last year.

Market borrowings for the current year have been kept at Rs.818 crore in comparison to Rs.1264 crore of last year. Institutional loans for funding capital expenditure and share in National Small Savings have been assumed at last year’s levels of Rs.700 crore and Rs.453 crore respectively.

On the main items of expenditure, the current year’s non-plan salary provision is Rs.6,594 crore in comparison to Rs.4,973 crore of last year. Additional provision of Rs.121 crore has been kept for salaries of migrant employees. The provision  for payment of interest has been kept at Rs.1,729 crore in comparison to last year’s figure of Rs.1,602 crore. Provision for purchase of electrical energy is Rs.1,996 crore. Rs.1,412 crore have been provided to meet expenditure on pension and retirement benefits.

In the current year’s plan of Rs.5,500 crore, the Revenue expenditure is estimated at Rs.653 crore and capital expenditure at Rs.4,847 crore. The government have decided to give special thrust to the Sectors of Agriculture & Allied Activity, Irrigation, Transport, Social Services including Health & Education and General Services including World Bank funded development programmes of ERA. The exact increases in various Sectors shall get crystallized after tie up with the concerned Ministries in the Government of India in respect of Centrally Sponsored Schemes & with the funding agencies in case of tied up allocations. To that extent, the increases reflected in the sectoral outlays are to be taken as tentative.

The allocation for agriculture and allied activities has been proposed about 30% higher from previous year’s level of Rs.151.96 crore to Rs.197.30 crore in current year. The allocation in the Irrigation and Flood Control Sector has been kept 122% higher from the last year’s level of Rs.208.85 crore to Rs.464.33 crore in the current year. The allocation in the Transport Sector is proposed to be tentatively enhanced by 90% from the previous level of Rs.486.20 crore to Rs.923.99 crore in the current year. The allocation in the Social Services Sector is proposed to be increased by 42.87% from the level of Rs.1089.17 crore to Rs.1556 crore. The General Services are proposed to get enhanced allocation of Rs.638 crore representing an increase of 36.62% over the previous year’s level of Rs.467 crore.


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