Reporting virtual voting

 Durdana Bhat

As polling on ground zero in South Kashmir reflects mixed public mood, the live streaming of 46 polling stations out of 1615 stations are showing ‘real’ public response. It is for the first time that the website of Jammu and Kashmir chief electoral officer is streaming out live action from the polling stations.


With no voters in the room, these two polling officers in one of the polling stations in Saffron town Pampore are apparently absorbed in deep thoughts!


In south Kashmir’s Rajpora polling station, a lone man is keeping handful of polling officers busy.


And in this polling station of Noorabad area of south Kashmir, a single man has turned up to cast his vote.


In Devsar polling station, however, the wait for voters is on.


The wait ended in Devsar polling station when a youth, probably casting the first vote of his life, showed up. And soon, the officer was seen pushing his pen around.


But in Rajpora polling station, officers are in relax mood. With no voter round the corner, chat in the room is indeed personal!


In Bon Devsar, though, the officers have set their eyes at the door.


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