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For the last two decades, north Kashmir charity, Falahudarain is working for the uplift of society through education and research, reports Aqib Nazir

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Fallah u Darain Baramulla

Around1400 years ago, the definition of poverty was different: From imparting education, healthcare facility or using safe drinking water, almost everything was free. But in the 21st-century definition of poverty has changed. If a person can eat two meals a day but cannot provide proper education to their children, he is considered as poor.

Falahudarain (IFD) believes that society reforms itself only when its inhabitants are economically sound. Like-minded individuals met to find a way out for the uplift of society. Following this vision, Falahudarain came into existence in December 1999 in Baramulla.

They decided that they will provide moral and religious teachings to the young men and women of their town. But soon they realised only preaching is not enough when the stomach is empty.

“Falahudarain has been established with an aim to provide a platform to the youth of Baramulla, engaging them with productive activities,” said Suhail Ahmad Kar, General secretary of the charity.

On every Sunday Falahudarain holds classes for Dars e Quran, Mutala Hadith and many other programs. This Tarbiyati class has been going on for the last two decades.

“We have been able to establish a school, a research centre and a network of Quranic centres. From this platform, we have been and are able to provide relief to people in disasters. More than 200 members are active in this program of Falahudarain,” Kar added.

An aerial view of Baramulla. Pic: Baramulla News FB page

The Classes

For Islamic Dawah, Falahudarain started Quranic classes with proper curriculum and syllabi in every corner of Baramulla town.

“Life has a purpose that transcends material desires. In these times of materialism and individualism, Falahudarain has provided a platform to help us aspire for a spiritual life via social work,” said Zubair Aziz a volunteer who is an engineer by Profession.

To address the poverty crisis in Baramulla town, in 2002, Falahudarain established Al-Mavineen. The wing, on humanitarian grounds, supports and offers financial assistance to the economically weaker sections of the town. It has now taken the shape of Bait ul Maal in the town. Presently it takes care of 500 families every month. And many unemployed youth set up their own income-generating units with the help of Al Mavineen. It grew from Rs 40,000 in 2002 to Rs 1.88 crore in 2020-2021.

“Our priority is not to sustain people living in poverty but to put in place some mechanism, which can help them to elevate their economic status. For this funding the self-employment programme is being given special focus,”  said Zahid Fayaz Darzi, who is a volunteer of the organization and an assistant professor by profession.

Tazkeer, a monthly journal is also being published by the organization to develop the culture of reading in younger generations.

Community First

The Research Centre

Falahudarain established a state of art Islamic research centre.  It is called the “centre for Research and Policy Studies” and is located at Kanth Bagh near GMC Baramulla with a focus on knowledge creation and supporting indigenous research on priority issues pertaining to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The centre supports scholars, grants fellowship, hosts public lectures, organises academic events and capacity-building program to foster a research environment in the region.

“Currently three scholars are working at the centre on themes related to traditional education, child rights and economic status of Baramulla industrial estate,” said Dr Imtiyaz Abdul Qadir, Coordinator CRPS, Baramulla.

The culture of learning helps foster critical thinking as much as it determines our vantage point and outlook towards the world we inhabit. Amongst the centre of learning, a high school is of paramount importance. Following the spirit of this broad-based education model, Falahudarain established a ‘world class’ school, Aarifeen School of Excellence (ASE) in 2018 that is in sync with its basic idea.

Falahudarain also organises blood donation camps, provides career counselling to the students. Besides a yearly Seerat conference, Falahudarain conducts many conferences to discuss modern-day problems and issues.

In the Covid-19 lockdown, Falahudarain financially assisted more than 1500 nonlocal labourers and provided them with basic facilities in Baramulla town.


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