“T20 is anybody’s game any time. So we are positive of doing well despite dismal performance in 50 over matches”

Former wicketkeeper of the Jammu & Kashmir cricket team Syed Parvaiz Qaisar who has been associated with cricket in various capacities for a long time talks to Faisal Shabir Bhat about his cricketing career and his appointment as the head coach of the J&K T20 side

Syed Parvaiz Qaisar
Syed Parvaiz Qaisar

Kashmir Life (KL):  Tell us something about your cricketing career?

Syed Parvaiz Qaisar (SPQ): I started to play before even starting school as far as my memory serves me right. I played for state at various levels and captained various teams and clubs of the state. My strength was wicket keeping and that has given me great recognition all over the cricketing fraternity.

I have been associated with cricket in all capacities. As a players, captain, manager, BCCI observer, BCCI match referee, selector, commentator and now as a coach. I am very fortunate that I have been able to play my part at various levels and in different capacities.

KL: How do you look forward to the challenge as T20 coach?

SPQ: I am thankful to JKCA for this opportunity. It is no doubt a great challenge, but I like challenges.

The challenge is more as the team has performed exceptionally well in the recently concluded four day Ranji Matches and expectations are high.

The team for T20 is very different from that team though the core is somewhat same.

T20 is anybody’s game any time. So we are positive of doing well despite dismal performance in 50 over matches. That is History and we will not let that bog us down.

KL: In last one decade J&K won just one match out of 48 matches played in limited over format. What do you think can change the fortunes for the team?

SPQ: It is not about changing the fortunes as it is about changing the mind set.

The players need to change their thinking and believe that they can win T20 matches. This may not be as easy as it sounds. A lot of work is required in this. This has to be an on-going process where a chain of players shall have to be trained and groomed. This cannot be done as a short term goal. We need to have a long term plan with shorter mile stones. The support team needs to be consistent in approach. Players need to be exposed to more match practice and match like simulated situations. This is where we lack and need to do a lot more.

KL: J&K cricket players have always complained about the lack of proper sports infrastructure in the state. Do you think this as the main reason for their poor performances?

SPQ: Lack of proper infrastructure may be one of the reasons. Lack of proper planning or motivation on part of players can be another. But this cannot be the sole reason or the main reason. In J&K we play T20 mostly, so the players are getting exposed to this format of the game. What they don’t get is to match their talent against stronger oppositions and unknown oppositions. Once that is done, the results will be better. Like sending the state team to Pune for a series of matches paid good dividends in Ranji this year.

Similarly, we need to involve the players and team on full yearly basis and send these teams outside state for matches.

We have shortage of quality grounds and training facilities, especially for inclement weather conditions. But we are blessed with distinct regions with different weather conditions. This can ensure cricket throughout the year. Till we develop infrastructure, we need to make maximum use of this advantage. No other state has this advantage.

KL: You have the privilege of being the first cricketer from the state to play county cricket in England. How was the experience of playing there?

SPQ: Playing is England is ultimate in cricket. I am thankful to God for giving me this chance.

The experience was wonderful and a great education. I was exposed to so many changing conditions daily that it was over whelming to say the least.

My personal performance was good and was very much appreciated and reported.

After that stint, I felt that it was time for me to hang my gloves and devote myself to the other aspects of the game and to do something in return for the game.

KL: You have always been a vocal critic of the JKCA policies. How do you see the role of JKCA in the promotion of cricket in the state?

SPQ: I have never been a critic for sake of criticism. If I felt bad about anything, I would come out in open. Most of the time, you will find that if I felt there were alternatives or different solutions, I would propagate these in my articles or in media. On the other hand, I have been first to appreciate good work of JKCA too.

I am not seen as critic of JKCA but as someone who has a balanced view on things and does not hesitate to point out abrasions.

JKCA is the apex body for cricket in J&K. It has to deliver now and do much more for the game. It seems that JKCA, once the scam is behind it, shall be able to work with more zeal for the game.

One great positive, which media too might have noticed, is that JKCA has opened its doors to its critics too. That signals good for future.


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