Why The Biggies In Medical Fraternity Must Respond To This Doctor?

by A Doctor

My sister was admitted in SMHS critical care unit ward 10 suffering from B/L severe Covid and was also pregnant for more than five months and had to be put on a ventilator the same day. We tried everything possible that could have been done to save her life but alas she lost her battle to Covid on Thursday (Eid day).

While writing this post I want to highlight this issue in spite of our best efforts we wanted to have a Gynaecological consultation which was supposed to be from LD hospital. In spite of regular calls being made to LD hospital by medical as well anaesthesia consultants not even once our so-called Gynaecologists had the courtesy to visit and examine her once. They were just available on phone calls and would just say “abhi Kuch Nahi karna hain”.

I personally called one of the consultants whose name I don’t want to mention here. I was confused if I have to continue her progesterone or not, she said you can give or not etc making a bias statement. I called another consultant regarding her decreased amniotic fluid and again “abhi Kuch Nahi karna hain”.

I still remember the next day a senior anaesthesia consultant on the round said they still didn’t come! ‘Surprising’, his words

In the end, it was Allah’s will and took her away along with her baby but I felt so bad that not even once our gynaecology specialists from LD came to examine her once. You never know what suggestion can pop in your head if you visit and examine the patient personally.

In spite of being a medical practitioner myself who operates during vid19 times and attends patients irrespective of their Covid status, I expected the same courteous behaviour from them but all in vain. “Bus Kuch Nahi karna hain

Honestly, these lines will haunt me for the rest of my life.

As far as I remember, we are not taught this in medical school. I am thankful to my friends and colleagues and senior consultants at SMHS who would visit not only her but other patients in Covid19 wards to give their opinions/ treatments. But this is really shameful attitude by our LD hospital senior doctors who irrespective of repeated reminders just kept saying “abhi Kuch Nahi karna hain”.

I wish and hope this post creates some empathy within them because they are women themselves, after all. Rest Allah is our creator and we have to return back to Him one day.

Regards to all.

(We have avoided using the author’s name because it does not matter.)

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