Yes we can

switcher-operator, audio guy, producer and editorial staff. The live line cut that the director Nick Davies was switching during the show and producer John Schuffle calling shots for the anchor. “Obviously, some camera cuts are not perfect so the entire thing was tweaked in the post production phase at our Studios.” adds Kashtwari, who is editor-director.

“It was thankfully not lacking technically, in any ways. The BBC Producer/Director acknowledged that co-production with Kashmir based Company and crew was international standard. They were very impressed how Associated Media has built video production facilities and technical crew inside the Kashmir Valley,” acknowledges Harpreet.

Technical ability included to position lights on locally designed and fabricated unique lighting “truss” system so that lamp stands are not seen in wide shots. It was an innovative setup.

Bhat articulates his desire to get Kashmir based Production facilities on national and International map. “This fundamental orientation has to be seen at work in our Co-Production effort. Prior to this, we have partnered with Al Jazera, PBS, noted producers and  many other big channels but  much on a single camera documentary film productions. BBC World Service Co-production multiple-camera mode also was not a new experience to us. But it was of course, working with BBC in Kashmir with our facilities outside DD platform.”

Promoting the development of robust electronic media software like this, is a crucial element to building our local Television Production capabilities.


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