‘DD-Kashir Has 2.5 Cr Viewers’


Supriya Sahu, Director General Doordarshan on game show KBC and the issues related with the DD-Kashir

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Supriya Sahu. KL Image: Special Arrangement
Supriya Sahu. KL Image: Special Arrangement

KASHMIR LIFE (KL): Can Kashmiri version of KBC help revive the Doordarshan Srinagar to its earlier glory?

SUPRIYA SAHU (SS): The Kashmiri version of the internationally acclaimed programme Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in English; Kaun Banega Crorepati in Hindi and in Kashmiri—Kus Bani Koshur Karorpaet has been chosen by Doordarshan for telecast on DD Kashir as part of an on-going process of revamping the channel. The process of revamping has been going on for more than a year now at DD Kashir. The Channel has been given a fresh montage and several programmes have been revamped.

One of the most popular shows on DD Kashir is Halat-e-Hazira which is being telecast in the prime time as a News and Current Affairs show. More than 300 episodes of Halat-e-Hazira have already been telecast. The show captures and highlights day-to-day issues of local importance including health, education, tourism, law and order, local craft, employment issues and local municipal issues.

A programme called Galli Galli Sim Sim dubbed in Kashmiri is also very popular among children. This programme is presented by muppets in a very interesting and entertaining manner for kids. This is a daily show for an hour in the evening. The show has reached out to children in the Valley and touched their hearts. DD Kashir has also revamped its popular morning show called Good Morning J&K. The show has been revamped with a new set, lighting and an interesting way of presentation. Apart from this, the channel has a daily movie slot, which showcases some of the best and hit movies from Bollywood.

The channel continues to showcase programmes in Kashmiri, which are in the nature of documentaries on the local art, culture and heritage. All these initiatives have helped the channel to garner huge viewership in a short period of time. The channel had about 24 lakhs of viewership in 2017 and currently, it has touched a viewership of 2.5 crores, on an average.

KL: Where does the DD Kashir exit on social media?

SS: The Youtube channel of DD has become extremely popular as most of the shows are streamed live on the channel or are provided with any time viewing. The number of subscribers on the Youtube channel of DD Kashir has reached more than 85000 in a short span of time, making it one of the top 10 Youtube channels of DD. KBC episodes uploaded on the Youtube channel of DD Kashir have seen huge traction. Some of the episodes have crossed 4 lakhs views. Almost all episodes of Kus Bani Koshur Karorpaet have invariably crossed one lakh mark. It shows the growing popularity of the digital footprint of DD Kashir. DD Kashir channel is also making a mark on its Twitter handle, Facebook and Instagram.

KL: Why was KBC Kashmir version picked for production after a long hiatus on software production?

SS: KBC Koshur was conceived as a prime part offering of DD-Kashir to the viewers of the State. An iconic International format, widely popular in over 160 countries, it was hand-picked and evolved to suit the interests of the local viewership and cater to their specific tastes and requirements. The show brings together people from across the State and various walks of life, thus addressing the diversity of the viewers’ profile and furnishing a vibrant platform for them to connect and build relationships. KBC Koshur also maintains a local feel and flavour in its content; questions asked often pertain to various aspects of the art, culture, language, heritage, and history of the State and its people. It also affords an opportunity for the younger generation to reconnect with their roots.

KBC Koshur being a special offering for the people of Jammu and Kashmir makes an effort to exude the local flavour and cater effectively to its audience, through a widely representative pool of talent and expertise drawn almost entirely from the State. The show’s contestants, the host and the production crew hail from the State and bring alive on screen its ethos and vibrancy.

KBC Koshur has been very well received by the viewers of DD Kashir. The show’s impact is evident from lakhs of views it has been attracting online on our official Youtube channels. This show and DD Kashir’s bouquet of renewed programming content is again a testimony to Doordarshan’s enduring commitment as the Public Service Broadcaster to bring to the people of Jammu and Kashmir the best of entertainment and edutainment.

KL: But there has not been any forward movement on clearing proposals that local producers had submitted?

SS: The long pending issue of releasing funds to start commissioning for 107 selected programmes pending since 2004 has also been sorted out. Doordarshan has with the approval of the Prasar Bharati Board started the process of releasing funds. DD Kashir now very soon will be presenting to its viewer’s fresh local programmes.


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